No class tuesday

No classes today-my IB class is cancelled today! Which means.. i get to wake up whenever i want.. which i did at 8 am.. I’m not the girl who used to be able to wake up at 11am or in the afternoon anymore.. 😦

Anyway.. today’s plan is to follow gramps to the dentist late afternoon.. not me.. grampa is heading to the dentist’s chair. lol..

So brekkie was.. a coffee.. (i AM a coffee addict.. but only a cup a day)

coffeewasn’t too good. miss my Magnolia Calcium plus milk.

applewanted to try my apple i bought yesterday.. twas good.. but i prefer the ones i bought the last time..

applesOh well.. had it with some PBU. courtesy of Curly Top.. which i found on Kristen‘s site..  I made it last night, and to make dissolving easier, i nuked it abit.. hehe. used soy milk.. but i poured in as i went to adjust the consistency. Delish!! Of course, i love my pure nut butter/PB, but this is a lower cal quick fix!

Also toasted up a kaya puff..

puffSee. the color is so much better than when it is untoasted:

kaya puffYum.. hehe.. also some nuts + broadbeans (i actually snapped a shot this time!)

nutI decided to place it on a plate to control my portion! Go Jace! haha.

Also some honeycomb biscuits (sat Kei ma)

honeycombYum.. bought it from pasar malam awhile back. plated it too to control me portions!

And a prune..

Watched Women’s Murder club!! Not as fun as CSI, but still something different, and plus.. i love crime shows!

What are your fav series??

Anyway, i’m off to run soon.. but here are some snapshots of my room.







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