Monday’s unproductive day

Sigh.. it’s 830pm now.. and i haven’t done anything productive.. i feel useless..

anyway, here are my eats..

Woke up at 5 and sent dear off to work.. Went back to bed and got up at 7 to prep for workout.

Pre-workout was a coffee.

coffeeand one of these babies.

kaya puffThis time, i placed the kaya puff in the oven.. and perfect!! Toasty, warm, and the pastry was so much better that way! I love ovens.. hehe. makes food that much better in minutes.

Ran the usual and did some weights. Skipped the sit ups cos i forgot to bring my exercise mat downstairs =.= (what an excuse)

Brekkie was small, cos my IB class is cancelled-Today and tomorrow.. which means, no college tomorrow! Whee!

Class is only from 1030am to 1230pm plus i couldn’t get my college’s accommodations department to move my “Scholarship” duty to today.. so i hitched a ride from gramps to college..

So brekkie was Honey Almond Flax Kashi chewy..

honey almondplus some nuts (almonds and cashews).. a prune..

and off to college..

AFA was alright, but it just lets me know that there’s SO MUCH to study for the exam! I’m screwed. 😦

Anyways, i lunched at Tokyo G today while gramps wanted to eat at Asam Pedas at 1 Utama..

I wanted to use my RM10 gift voucher they gave me the last time. so sweet of them.. 🙂

Was contemplating whether to order a G roll.. or two starters.. two starters seemed more worth it.. so i went with a shrimp and vege tempura

tempuraI would have never guessed the portion would be this big. thumbs up Tokyo G! For RM9.90, Two huge shrimps, a piece of brinjal, an onion ring, two carrot sticks, one slice of sweet potato.. You get a choice of choosing just shrimp (which will be 3 pieces), or like me, 2 shrimps + vege..

I love the shrimp’s batter the most. it’s more like breadcrumb batter unlike the rest.. Delish!!

I also got a Potato portabello pancake (RM6.90)

potatoI was even more surprised with the portion of this. but i guess it kinds looked big cos of all the cabbage underneath it. It was quite nice.. not too thick. but not much mushrooms though.

Although i thought i couldn’t finish it.. i did. hehe..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

Tokyo G: Lot G342/343, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, No1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama Damansara, 47800, PJ, Sel.

I walked around a bit.. helped Grampa check whether his battery was original.. The lady just kept on saying.. you the warranty is at the shop you bought it from. But my question was if the phone was original.. lol.. Anyway, it is.. lol..

Went over to Levi’s to check out the sale. Was quite “worth it” for some half priced items.. but i didn’t like the cuttings. plus.. i put on weight!! i realised when i tried the jeans.. sigh.. and yet.. i still eat so much!!!

Gramps went to get their fav coconut water from SS2, and to Kelana Jaya for their new fav.. Malay Popiah..

I didn’t have anything.. but i did have something when we went to SS2 pasar malam (night market)..

After having Bought some apples..

applesI went to the Wai Sek Kai (Glutton Square) to hunt for my fav vegetarian mixed rice.. i found it.. but they neither had the brinjals/yau char kwai i love so much

veg riceI miss it! oh well.. i had this instead..

brinjalsYes, i realised i took too much egg. but i still finished it.. sigh. me and my plans of dieting.. but i guess it’s healthy food? or am i just trying to fool myself. sigh. anyway.. i got this from the mixed rice shop a few shops away (next to the new Hokkaido sushi shop). The eggplants remind me of the ones Grandma used to cook.. yum.. and not too oily too! The egg was full of onions.. that’s why i cleaned the plate! Loved it. hehe.. so i wasn’t to upset over not having the vegetarian mixed rice.

Walked around the pasar malam for a bit more. but realised the side we walked on was so empty-none of the stalls had been set up yet, unlike the other side where we walked first.. sigh..

Came home, and had an apple i bought a week or two ago-don’t worry-twas in the fridge..

appleand twas good too, with some banana butter-i placed it in my banana butter container.. hehe.. less than a tsp of banana butter left though, so i added some more skippy honey roasted pb. yu,.. now i can’t go a day without PB.. can you??

Had two prunes, some mixed nuts.. almonds and cashews. some kuaci (sunflower seeds).. and this i bought today..


looks like mini broad beans to me.. but whatever it is, it’s good! better than the big ones! hehe..

Ok.. i’m done for the night. off to read some blogs, talk to dear, and study!




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