Late lunch

We headed out late for breakfast cos dear woke up late.. thus a late lunch as well..

but breakfast was in the car for me.. half of it at least..

barHad half of my Kashi bar since dear was heading to KFC for breakfast + i need to finish me bars! hehe..

The other half at KFC itself.. Dear had an AM Twister..

Which i’m pretty sure looked not as nice as this.. but tasted good – i had a bite.. or two.. hehe.

We needed to go to his place to get his uniform and at the same time move some things to his new place.. you don’t know how hard it was to resist going to Happy Beans though it was nearby.. As you should know, i love them so much..

If i’ve not mistaken, the five times i’ve posted about Subang Jaya eats, part of it is about Happy Beans. hehe.

Anyway, after moving some stuff, we headed to Carrefour in Subang for some wedges (lunch) and some prunes-which ran out of stock! oh well..

Came home and prepped lunch.. i marinated the chicken the day before.. it’s dear’s secret, so i kinda can’t reveal it out. but if you really want, i’ll bug you for him. hehe.. i can tell you-wine was involved!

I prepped the side dishes + sauces while dear was busy pan-frying the chicken.

chickenOk.. it’s not the prettiest chicken.. but it looked better on my plate..

mineHehe.. i didn’t want so much, so i had half a chicken thigh, and gave the other 1/2 to dear.. though i THOUGHT of saving it for a sandwich, then i remembered how much of other stuff i have at home. hehe..

The chicken was so delicious-marinated by yours truly, but recipe from yours truly’s guy. Anyway, yes, it is one of the best chicken chops i’ve eaten-but better marinated for 3days!!

I made a sauce out of the leftover of the marinade liquids..

sauceI pre-soaked some dried mushrooms in boiling water. When dear finished pan-frying the chicken ( & removing the chicken from the pan), i poured the leftover marinade and the mushrooms (+ some of the liquid) into the pan to get the brown bits of! Learnt this from Chef at Home-Michael Smith!

As you can see, my plate consisted of other things, one of which being sourdough bread from Patisfrance.. with some eggplant spread..

1dipDelish, hard to resist a few more spoonfuls.. but i had this:

vegeFrozen brocolli + cauliflower – RM8.99/kg Tesco UK brand.. i know.. pricey for such veges, but it’s easy when you forget to buy veges. hehe. Boiled them in some water with added salt + chicken stock granules..

But wait.. don’t forget-homemade dipping sauce!!

I found this recipe from Monica who was inspired by this recipe.

Anyway, as for me, i eyeballed the measurements.. for the PB at least..

  • a 1/4 C of PB
  • 1/2 C of water
  • less than a tbsp of brown sugar (i was trying to use up my “unnatural” PB (i’m used to natural PB now, so i’m using up the other types i have left)
  • some apple cider vinegar (no lemons in the house)
  • soy sauce (2 tbsp??twas too sweet when i tasted it)
  • sesame oil (a dash or two cos i love the flavour!)

Mix everything except the liquids. Place in a saucepan, and heat till everything is dissolved.. Well.. i kinda forgot the first step, so i mixed everything in the saucepan and still was alright! and delish! Dear said it tasted like satay sauce! I love everything PB!

Besides all of that, i made some wedges for dear..

wedgesUsed Simplot wedges, and Heinz Honey garlic BBQ sauce on the side. I had some.. one/two.. hehe..

Dear had lots of washing up to do.. which made him so tired, we napped soon after.. haha.. no.. his work made him tired.. so we napped.. and woke up to this!

eggtartDon’t worry.. we aren’t pigs.. so we only had one each.. these mini egg tarts were from Unique.. Akak Jean & Carol had lunch there with Grandma. I’m so sad we missed it. Would’ve loved it. but thanks for the egg tarts though!

Anyway, we headed of to meet dear’s sis at her hotel as she’s in KL for a course.

Dear decided to bring them to Hulu Langat Look Out point were we celebrated my birthday there!


Yes.. a pimple decided to appear on my chin during my birthday.. lol..

Anyway, we didn’t go back to Bread and Olives-cos that’s when we have more money.. lol.. we headed to Gasoline Cafe for dinner.. There were lots of people there, but we managed to find a seat-not much a view though.

We weren’t hungry.. so i just ordered a tomyam seafood soup (RM8.90)

tomyamSorry for the really bad lighting there.. We were sitting outdoors too get the cool breeze and nice view..

My soup was alright. Nothing to shout about. I never was really fond about Gasoline cos i don’t find the food special. The soup was spicy (it IS tomyam after all), two prawns, maybe a few squid.. and mushrooms??? lol.. anyway, as i said.. ALRIGHT. nothing to shout about.

Dear had Emperor noodles (which meant no rice for the day-AMAZING!)

noodlesI think dear’s Emperor noodles are similar to the ones Kim Gary promotes.. instant noodles? lol.. i still prefer nissin noodles as these noodles were thin.. and the soup.. just wasn’t what i liked.. Dear drank alot of the soup, but went home thirsty-Bad MSG!!

marmiteDear’s sis had marmite chicken. Seemed alright. i had an onion! 🙂 she didn’t finish all, so dear, who is like me, doesn’t like to see food go to waste.. finished it. hehe.. so he DID have rice after all!

Dear’s bro didn’t have anything cos he already had a Burger King burger prior to dinner.

The bill came up to RM36 something, damage was from the drinks as a simple tea was RM4 and another drink which i THINK was iced tea.. was RM6..

We only got home at about 1o30pm.. and were pooped.. Had to sleep immediately cos dear has to wake up at 5am for his work.. sigh..

Will post about today later!

Sorry about the delayed posT!

Btw, This is the address for Gasoline Cafe.. and what i thought about it..

Food: 6/10 | Price:6/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

Gasoline cafe: Jalan Hulu Langat (B62), Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

I got the address from Joan..


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