Hong Lim Teochew porridge

Dinner last night was SURPRISINGLY not bad.. well.. cos the last time i went to this restaurant/coffeeshop in SS2, it was not so great.. Akak says it was under a different management..

Anyways, after church, we met Akak Jean and Carol at SS2’s HongLim Teochew porridge.

Me and dear arrived last, and all the food was already ordered!

I didn’t photograph EACH dish, there were too many!

So, i’ll give you a summary pic!

dishesThe tofu was alright.. Quite fresh. I didn’t try the eggs..The fried fish was good. Grandma liked it alot. I ate 3 heads! haha. It’s called Ma Yau Thong.. Topped with some deep fried crispy ginger.

Beans were alright, not as nice as the Cheras Teochew porridge..

The BRINJALS were delish. i think i ate most of it! hehe.. but a tad too oily..

dishThe ham choy (salted vegetables) was a bit sour.. The one in Hong Seng Coffeeshop, Section 17 is unbeatable.

Boiled peanuts were quite good.. Not out of the can i think.. there ARE some places which just use straight out of the can. bittergourdBittergourd was bitter!! Well.. duh! But der said it’s not AS bitter. but i think it is! GROSS!

The ikan bilis (anchovies) with chilli and onions was a fav dish amongst us. We ordered 3 plates!! Was spicy and sweet! YUM!

There was also Teh C special there-it claimed it had the wheatgrass like the one in Sarawak, but i doubt so. was just regular overly sweetened Teh C. I prefer Kayu’s.

The bill wasn’t so sweet though. RM80 over for Teochew porridge? I’d rather eat “Tai Chow” at Shiang Hee..

Hong Lim Teochew porridge is along the same row as Teapot Cafe..

For drinks, we went for Toast & coffee, at Toast and Coffee in Damansara Uptown.

Too bad we arrived there at 830pm (which is EARLY), but they were closing at 9pm. Not a good place to go to if you plan to hang out till late.

I ordered a white coffee-no sugar..

coffeecan’t beat Old Town (my fav is still Starbucks/Illy/Segafredo). RM2.50 / cup..

There was a TC special drink, which i think is essentially Teh C, though it was meant to stand for Toast & Coffee special. Dear had one.. was alright.

We ordered 3 Hainanese Toasts..


I ate the skin part of the bread. Hehe. The kaya was really good.. They even sell the kaya alone for RM3-two flavours. the one they served us was good, but the xtra we ordered for the second round of crispy bread, wasn’t too nice as they gave us a different flavour.

Overall, food was alright. the menu had lots of variety, and the breakfast set seems more money worthy compared to Old Town. The coffee-disappointment.

Toast and coffee

97, Jln SS21/37, 47400 Damansara Utama, Selangor. ( 03-77106291)

I got the address from Sloppychic‘s review.

We got home quite early.. and due to the coffee + teas we had.. we couldn’t sleep!!

Slept only at 1230ish.. and i didn’t have a good sleep last night due to the noisy rain + dogs barking. Sigh

Haven’t had breakfast. Will soon, when i go and change me bedsheets!

Ta for now!



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