No chores yet!

I have ton of chores to complete.. but i haven’t started, besides helping Akak bathe the dog.. i hate Creative players!! (though that’s my new one.. fine..) I heart Creative Zen Stone, but i hate Creative Zen Micro!!

Am helping Akak Jean transfer some songs from her old Mp3, to her new Sony walkman. looks so cool.. so was the price tag RM300, compared to my RM170..

Anyway, i actually manage to fit in a run today!!!

had a coffee. to wake me up..

coffeei made it with Nestle low fat milk today.. i think i’ve gotten used to the F&N Magnolia Calcium plus low fat!! Sigh.. so coffee wasn’t as good this morning..

Had a kaya puff..

kaya puffNo worries.. only ONE.. hehe..

While the food was digesting in my tum tum, i ironed some clothes..

Worked out the usual-run, situps, weights! Yay-no need to run on Thursday then!

It was a while before i got down to my breakfast.. but i did..

cupA cup of soy milk.. Waitrose sweetened soy milk.. i DID NOT like it.. it’s expiry in in november. and i seemed funny looking. but i still had some. didn’t taste rotten, but i think i’m still used to regular ol’ soy bean drink.. this is not for me.

breadBut PB can never disappoint me!! hehe. .  couldn’t decide between Melrose ABC spread or the new Roasted Honey PB from skippy.. so i had both on me sourdough bread!! Yummylicious!!!

I’m off to rip music from the CD–> MP3 player.. and house chores!




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