Carrot + Eggplant

Surprise surprise.. it’s a saturday, and i’m blogging my lunch on time! Hehe.. Dear’s not around, and we don’t plan to leave for church till later.. Anyway, i got some stuff done..

  • mop floor
  • wash my bathroom
  • wash my carpet
  • transfer songs for Akak Jean’s player
  • Have lunch

I didn’t go out with gramps for lunch cos they wanted to eat yong tau foo nearby, and i figured i should eat some of the bars i still have at home..

barRoasted Almond Kashi bar.. i topped it with some banana butter.. i never knew it would be so good! Banana butter/pb on kashi bar! DELISH!

Before that bar though.. i had these..

carrot Baby carrots with eggplant starter-which i use as a dip! I used it here before, but haven’t got the chance to use it again.

1dipYes, i did go for seconds with a few more mouthfuls which went into my mouth.. well it’s a starter right??lol..

Had dessert too!

sbuxI really wanted to finish the whole tub of Starbucks coffee ice cream.. i resisted.. and had one small spoonful + one big spoonful! So good on a hot day!

Also a prune.. plus tried 1/3 of this..

indianbiscuitsAs in 1/3 of A PIECE of this. hehe. Grandma asked me to open. so i couldn’t resist trying. It’s one type of Indian sweet biscuit. Quite nice.. i prefer the one from Melaka Corner in 1 Utama, with loads of Sesame seeds.

Of course, mix nuts also went into my mouth.. and some cashews.. you see.. i never stop eating!

I feel so guilty for not hitting my books and study. i guess i should.. Ta!



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