What made your morning?

Ok.. i hope you don’t think i am on a brink of obsession with banana butter.. but i don’t have any bananas at hand, so i thought, why not use banana butter! Even better! lol..

so that’s what i prepped overnight oats with last night..

Leftover Anlene yoghurt + 1/4 C rolled oats + 1/4 lowfatmilk&soymilk + one dollop, or two.. of banana butter..

oatsNo.. the oats didn’t magically churn out toppings this morning! lol..I can never go without crunch.. so i topped with some flaxseed, almonds + cashews (some when straight into my mouth too), Melrose ABC spread.. and..

bunchesTHIS MADE MY MORNING!! So crunchy! not overly sweet.. I love just bunches!! Whoopee! I can’t wait to try the caramel flavour!

Using this is so much better than using regular cereal, cos regular cereal softens way too fast.. this was so much better.. i love everything about these oats!!i think i’m turning from an oat hater to an oat lover!

But for the first time.. coffee didn’t make my morning..

coffeeI made it with Waitrose soy milk this morning.. i still prefer regular low fat milk.. it’s richer. my coffee felt kinda diluted.. no more soy milk coffee please!

Had a prune (Carrefour is having prunes at RM5.99 today! MUST go and restock!! ASAP).. and a florentine..

florentinesAkak Jean, i just found out, Grampa loves your florentines too!!! DELISH!

But none when to this fella..

maxMax made my morning too by letting me take a few pics of him! isn’t he the cutest? he’s been “choking” on something lately.. don’t know what it is. Hopefully he stops making the Coughing sound..

Ok.. i’m of to my run.. and my 3day weekend starts!



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