Pig head

No.. i’m not insulting you.. but that’s actually what grandma ate for during lunch!! On to that later..

I didn’t know grandma wanted to leave at 10, before my run.. so she went to feed the stray dogs first and had a bite, while i worked out..

Ran, situps, weights! Yay. but i realised i’d have to fit a run in tomorrow cos i can’t run next sat cos dear will be around.. and i want to skip a run on thursday cos of long thursdays! (9-3.30 pm class with 1/2 hr break is long!)

Had an apple (the last of the bland apples) + banana butter.

appleYum.. to the naner butter.. no yum for apple.. lol..

Anyway, so turns out, the flu jab (regular ones, not tamiflu), is available here.. I went to a nearby clinic and got the jab for RM50.. so far, so good.. no fever/side effects. it doesn’t prevent you from the flu/H1N1, but it does reduce the serious effects of the flu..

We headed off for lunch-actually for me to have lunch since gramps already had something..

vegeShouldn’t this picture & blue plate look familiar enough for you to guess where i atE? lol.. Hong Seng coffee shop in Section 17 (Road 17/38).. had the usual vegetarian food, plus, it’s Friday-abstinence from meat.

Brinjals were good as usual, stir-fried with red bean paste.. the taters were great! You should try frying taters with curry leaves!! It gives it a wonderful smell & taste! I even let grandma (who doesn’t like vegetarian food) try some.. and she liked it! The little bits beside the taters are some form of fake meat.. twas alright, but may not try it again..

Talking about meat.. Grampa went to get some Teochew porridge since he had taken his insulin jab..

Grandma requested for some pig head!!

porkheadYes.. gross.. i didn’t have any, but had the peanuts.. i love braised peanuts.. but the pig head looked gross and it was really fatty!! Grandma seemed to like it..

teochwGrandpa’s side dishes for the teochew porridge.. i had some tofu, and the salted fish.. what’s best was the Salted vegetables (ham choy)! DELISH! best ever! None can beat it i think..

After lunch, we headed to Tropicana City mall, which had the nearest Carrefour. I don’t really like that Carrefour cos there’s no phone service, plus i prefer the construction of Tesco. For me..

  1. Tesco
  2. Cold Storage
  3. Village Grocer
  4. Giant
  5. Carrefour

I know.. i sound like i’m a total paranoid about grocery stores, but it just seems fun! i haven’t been to Jaya Grocer and Mercato’s.. Still waiting. hehe.

Anyway, i bought a couple of things.we were a bit crazy cos it’s been hard to find reasonably priced Sunsweet prunes.. And between 16-18 Oct, Carrefour was having promotion of RM5.99, limited to two / family.

So we each bought 2 in separate transcations, and i went in again! hehe.

We dropped by Kelana Jaya, the small stalls in vans opposite of the small Giant, and bought back some dinner..

But i bought this for a dollar.

onionSome kinda Indian Onion fritter.. I asked for the tiny pieces cos it means i got the crispy ones! yummy.. but too bad it’s not too healthy. so i don’t eat this all the time.. Had some leftover for dinner, but didn’t finish it either..

Came home.. Cleaned up my room! moved things about. I promise i’ll have pics up asap!

Didn’t get to dinner till 7pm.. Time flies!

Gramps bought some of these at Kelana Jaya

keropokThe recognizable one is deep fried spring roll.. and the other is prawn fritters.. All these for RM2..

Gramps didn’t eat them in the end cos they had their “wet popiah”.. so i had 2 pieces (1/3) of the deep fried spring roll, and two pieces of the prawn fritters. They were alright,. nothing to shout about. TOO OILY! Yes.. i know.. i think the only thing healthy about my dinner was:

carrotsTwo new items i bought today.. Been looking around for baby carrots.. A bag for RM3.29.. Makes it so much easier than cutting and peeling carrots!

Wondering about the second item?? New PB!!

pbSpot the two new PBs in between! When i saw them, i had to buy them.. Though i already had enough stock. Hehe. Never had these around Malaysia. Most PBs are local.. and those that aren’t are super pricey (these weren’t cheap.. moderate)..

The Natural Super Chunk Skippy cost me RM13.99 whereas the Roasted honey nut was RM15.99.. i know.. a bit on the high side.

I tried the Honey nut one with the carrots.. The honey nut flavour didn’t jump out.. but twas alright. One disappointment for paying so much for these two PBs is that i realised it had palm oil/veg oil.. unlike Jif, with only roasted peanuts and sugar.. sigh.. kinda regret, but at least it tastes quite good. i still wish there was cheaper nut butters here..

Had a prune too..

Oh well.. i think i’m off to study.. didn’t study today cos of my room! Ta!

Good night, and cya tomorrow!



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