Overnight oats

This morning, was my first go at cooking my own oats.. well.. it wasn’t actually cooking, cos no cooking was involved, unless you consider nuking it, cooking. Anyways, adapted from Kath, I made overnight oats!!

I had never been too fond of oats to tell you the truth. I have horrible memories of eating oats as a kid cos my grandma would prepare it plain with just milk, without ANY toppings. So she always had to force it down my throat, and i would gag at every mouthful.

And so far, my experience with oats haven’t been the best (except oatmeal cookies, biscuits, cold cereal, granola). Even instant oats didn’t work for me. I used to have an apple cinnamon flavored instant oats, i ended up toasting them and turning them into granola! lol..

Anyway, i thought of trying it out again recently, after seeing how so many bloggers enjoy it. and they just look so good.

Being a lazy girl i am, i saw overnight oats which required no cooking time, so i decided to prep some last night.

I put 1/4 cup oats, 1/4 natural Anlene yoghurt, 1/4 cup low fat milk, 1 packet of Eversweett.. and i had no bananas, so i mixed in some strawberry jam and what’s left of my apricot jam (IXL)..

Took it out and nuked it this morning..

oatsI’d never survive without the toppings-Special K Berries cereal, and some cashews/almonds. Some Melrose ABC spread on the spoon too! 🙂

And dug into deliciousness! i’d never thought i’d ever hear myself say that see my self type that! Amazing what the yoghurt did to the oats! I love the tanginess it gave the oats. Thanks Kath! I’ll be sure to try this again with bananas!

But i don’t think i’ll include cereal next time. maybe bananas. Cereal just softens way to fast!

Ok.. besides oats.. i had coffee!

coffeeHow unsurprising. and a prune + florentine.

By 8.15, i was packed and ready to head to college.. but “beep” sound came from my bag! Samuel (my class rep), smsed me telling my BPC class was cancelled cos our lecturer was not feeling well! Woo hoo!! haha.. Thank God i hadn’t left yet!

I didn’t run this morning, wasn’t planning too cos i thought it was going to be a brain-exhaustive day.. but since BPC was cancelled, i decided to just do my run, and leave Saturday for house chores!

Ra nthe usual and did the weights-no situps.. I heart my new MP3 player.one of the things to keep me going during my run. help me think of a name for it!

zenAfter the run, i had the very little soup from yesterday‘s dinner.. i actually packed it for today’s lunch, but i got lazy to lug it around in college, so i just had it as my refuel..


i don’t even know why i didn’t just finish it yesterday, cos it was barely 5 mouthfuls left..lol. Also had another florentine, prune, and a couple of mixed nuts.. 🙂

Went for class.. Today AFA was boring! So much theory going into my head and not enough time to digest it. Before we can get a clear idea of what the lecturer had just said, he had to move on to another topic. i think he’s in a hurry to finish the syllabus cos he had to stop teaching the last few weeks of the semester. This is what you get when your uni hires part-timers.. sigh.. but he’s quite a good lecturer i suppose. i still miss my last sem’s Management Accounting lecturer..

12.30pm came and it was our pathetic 1/2 hour lunch break..

but not so pathetic when i found my cafeteria having this today..

prwnWorth my RM1.50! I liked it, but not the best.. but the best you can get in a college cafeteria. Yummy deep fried battered prawns. a tad too oily though.. i know you must be thinking i’m mad to expect deep fried foods not to be oily. but i promise, i’ve seem deep fried food which aren’t oily!

Also ate two pineapple tarts i brought today

pineapplePastry got kinda soft already.. oh well.. there’s a kaya puff underneath it, but it was meant for in case there was nothing i liked in the cafeteria..

Class seemed so draggy.. I feel that my AFA has so much theory this year! I hate theory. Give me practical accounting questions, and i’d be delighted to do it. I don’t like memorizing!! 😦

3.30 FINALLY came.. i came home.. had a persimmon..

chiYummy.. ate it while on the phone.. though i feel that doing so won’t let you savour the food as much..

also had some other nuts to munch on..

Ok.. i don’t know where dinner is tonight. I’m hoping on pasar malam. but we’re not sure!

Ta! Chef at home is waits for no man!


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