oodles, noodles, and doodles

well.. no doodles.. but it just sounded cute. yes.. i’m running out of titles! lol..

But noodles was in store for dinner.

Initial destination was Hoppy Restaurant in Aman Puri, but changed to Shiang Hee in Bandar Menjalara.

For some reason, clams are not in season, so Grandma has been disappointed twice. the last time we came, there wasn’t any clams either.

I was sorta disappointed today too.. Shiang Hee wasn’t bad.. they just weren’t up to mark.

We ordered Hokkien Mee and Yin Yiong, we made sure it was a RM5 normal portion. Unlike what we paid for the last time-RM10 per 1-person portion.

But we can’t expect much if we ask for the basic ones..

hokkien noodlesIf you read here when i ate the hokkien mee at Shiang Hee, you can see the big difference in the noodles. Number1: bigger plates.. lots of fish and prawns.. sigh.. What a big difference RM5 can make. Today’s hokkien noodles was alright, but what disappointed me was the yin yiong..


The crispy mihun (rice vercimelli) wasn’t crispy any more cos of the deep plate they used. Compare with this i had the other time..

yinyiongSee the differencE? sigh.. the crispyness once there, gone.. the fish and prawns.. gone

I realised in both the plates, there was only one prawn, one piece/two pieces of pork, and 1 piece of squid split into 2..

Shiang Hee.. why did you disappoint me..

Yet, gramps ordered another plate of Hokkien Mee + Mihun.. They said with the mihun added, it’s much better.

I ate quite a bit of noodles tonight cos there was nothing else to eat.. not much meat/vege..

Oh well.. came home disappointed.. but a peanut butter Crumbz helped.. hehe

And a prune..

There’s nothing much in store tonight, though i do plan to watch a movie. May have to start reading up on AFA cos it’s getting pretty scary!! 3 exams + 1 assignment. I think i’m kinda doomed for the assignment! God help me!

Anyway, off to read blogs, THEN study!



Oh.. and i found the address for Shiang Hee..

Shiang Hee Seafood ‘Tai-Chau’46 Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone +6019 326 8782

Got this from Jules Eating guide to Malaysia.


2 thoughts on “oodles, noodles, and doodles

  1. sorry to hear you were disappointed with your meal, but i’m pretty convinced that there’s nothing that can cheer you up better than some peanut butter 🙂 By the way, what are peanut butter Crumbz exactly?

    Good luck with your upcoming exams/assignment. You’ll do great!

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