No time for breakfast

it’s so unlike me not to have breakfast! 😦

Fine. i had part breakfast.. consisting of..

appleA washington red delicious (i’m sorry, it wasn’t delicious), but banana butter came to the rescue!

coffeeSome coffee to keep my stamina going for the long day ahead in college.. and of course, the jif was slipped into the picture, cos there wasn’t enough banana butter on the spoon for the last two pieces of apple, so i stole some from the jar.. and some more just for fun!

Had two florentines (Akak-Jean-made)

florentineand a prune..

This was supposed to be part of the breakfast..

honey almondBut our BPC lecturer didn’t give us any break.. she came to class half an hour late (i always thought students were the late ones! lol).. so i had no free time to eat this.. and i really wanted to go to the loo badly till my bladder hurt! and just went to the loo in the end midway when she was teaching.

Had break with Pik San at about 1130am..

I found deep fried squid on display.. well.. i had to search for it cos it was hidden under some fried fish..

nutsOne of the few “edible” and considerably “good” food in my uni cafeteria. RM1.90.. shared it with pik san. She said it felt over-fried.. kinda agree, cos it wasn’t as soft as i had it last time..

Also had my Kashi Roasted almond granola crunchy since i didn’t eat it yesterday


Then more classes.. 2 tutorials..

But no IB lectures next week. I kinda feel bad for one of my IB lecturers cos turns out he’s not teaching us anymore. heard someone complained. He’s a nice lecturer, just that he can’t teach well + the lecturer over in UK, insists in using the 2010 version of the book which had not been publish, thus unavailable anywhere except direct import from UK. so the book’s still pending! Sigh..

Was so glad when it was 4pm! Came home.. Was kinda hungry.

so had this.

barSpecial K bar while talking to dear on the phone.. and one florentine..

After chatting, i had some mixed nuts, but made more cashews cos i was craving for them! Finished the small batch i made earlier, so i roasted a big batch of mixed cashews and almonds this time!

cashewsThe cashews this round are huge! I chopped up the almonds to help me consume less at one time! I actually like the cashews a tad undercook.. their sweetness is kinda preserved that way.. but grandma prefers it FULLY roasted.. I sprayed some olive oil on them, sprinkled salt, and tossed them on the lowest rack at 190*C for 8 minutes or so. then when i heard something pop, i switched it off, and left it in there to continue cooking.

Watched Chef at Home-fav chef EVER; while waiting for them to come out of the oven.. and of course had some while waiting for them to cool..

Will be dinnering at home tonight.. Soup (Canned) is on the menu!

Ta for now!



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