Huffin’ and puffin’

Well.. huffin’ out of anger.. well sorta (just to make the title make sense), cos grampa doesn’t really like the soup i made reheated for dinner.. 😦

soup1what’s there not to like  about a chunky tomato bean soup??

soupI topped mine with my cashew/almond mix i just made.. lovely!! I really love these Tesco light choices soup.. healthy, and reasonably priced at RM3.20 per can of 2 servings. but i tried the pasta sauce before-too sourish.. didn’t really like it.

My carb/grain of the night was:

kayamy puffin’ kaya puff! haha. it’s just plain kaya puff bought from the stall outside Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo shop in Ampang. Now to think of it, i should have put it in the oven for a bit to get it crispy. oh well.

Other snacks:

  • honey comb biscuits
  • one florentine
  • more nuts
  • a prune

That’s it for dinner. Grampa didn’t finish his bowl, so it’s going to be part of my lunch tomorrow..

Am still trying to get the room all tidy and neat..

This is a far as i’ve gone with getting the table tidy

deskAnd it’s already kinda messy already as i’m sitting and typing here now..

sigh.. i’m like that.. clean things up.. and just mess it up all over again.. (that’s why i don’t bother, dear)

Anyway,i miss dear so much, now that i don’t get to see him so often (once a week onlY).. sigh.. and he won’t be joining my family for dinner.. which means this week, i only get to see him on Sunday.. 😦

Off to study now to distract myself..



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