Cat got your tongue?

Look who i spotted in deep slumber when i having dinner?

catWas so cute.. wait till you see this.

cat1I bet you’re going “aww”.. haha.. this little fella was sleeping at the coffee shop i was having dinner at..

We went to SS3 cos Granma was craving for the best Choy Tao Kou (Fried carrot cake) in town. We’ve tried all the dim sum shops, the best, the most expensive, the most high-class places, yet, the best is the cheapest and is not even served on a plate..

friedcarrotcakeBought from the SS3 night market (pasar malam), there’s always a queue or people would order, walk around, and come back to collect so that they do not have to linger around. I remember my gramps always buying this when we used to stay in SS3, but since we moved, it’s always been to far to come back here. SS2 seems nearer. but i think the guy who sells this also sells in the SS2 night market.

Ok.. i do not know why i was so hungry, i did not take anymore shots of this. i just ate. It was good.. would i say the best? well.. alot of wok hei. the carrot cake was soft enough.. and i loved the eggs (grandma requested extra eggs!).. and the crunchy bean sprouts. but not spicy enough.. overall, it may be the best.. proves a tough fight for the big restaurants, considering this, with an extra egg costs RM3, without extra egg is only RM2.50! cheap!

I also bought us each the best kam tan kou (chinese pancake with peanuts mixture) RM0.70 / piece..

ktkAgain, another best in town item… None can beat this.. well.. according to Grampa. I think it’s really good too. i haven’t tried many, but this is the best so far for me. And i love the sides, so i ate the sides of two of the pieces, and gave the rest to Gramps.. lol . Sneaky me..

I also bought my fav Mat Toh Yau

mtyI feel that this SS3 night market’s mat toh yau is more generous with the ingredients, i.e., in mine is sweet taters, atapchi (palm fruit), lotus seed and red beans! Delish!! I’m more into the ingredients than the “drink”.

We ate all this at a nearby coffee shop. We talked to the owner and he was a super nice guy.. We just ordered drinks, and he offered to lend us chopsticks cos he saw us just having spoons for the carrot cake!

Didn’t buy any fruits, cos i have to finish what’s at home first.

Came home, and has a persimmon..

chiLooks ugly-ish, but is delish!! hehe.. lots of seeds though. i prefer seedless ones..

Also had a famous amos cookie.. for dessert.. :p

chipAnd a couple of mixed nuts and a prune!!

Off to study-have not started on IB assignment!! so screwed!! (due date in dec)


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