Cravings got the best of me

Warning: Health-conscious, vegans, and pork-lard haters, viewing this post is at your own risk. Be warned that this post is a greasy, fatty, but delicious post. View at your own risk.

I ditched my bar i brought for lunch after IB..

barfor this..

crabDeep fried soft shell crab with oats!!Who can resist this????????

My plan was to eat my Kashi bar so that:

  • i can finish my bar stash at home
  • i can save money
  • i can diet..

I still wanted to join Pik San and Svun for lunch.. so i THOUGHT of just eating the bar at the lunch B.B.Q Plaza (1 Utama), since i’m not that into pork lard.. but i spotted the lovely soft shell crab on the banner outside 1 utama.. i just couldn’t resist it..

But i took awhile to decide whether it was worth RM9.90, cos i’ve experienced ordering RM15.90 ones and they were puny..

But this..

crabwas quite decent in size.. though i have to admit.. the oats made it look bigger. but it doesn’t matter to me cos i love the toasted/fried oats!! It was delicious. Worth every penny of my RM9.90 but i still wish i had a buffet version of this.. lol..

Onto the actual BBQ.. for those who has not seen it before..

bbqWondering what’s on top of the iron pan? Pork lard!!!! I know.. gross.. but i didn’t eat much from it cos i had my soft shell crab!!

piksanWe were trying to take photos of one another.. i know immature.. haha..

svunSvun handling the “melting of the pork lard” on the iron pan. The iron pan will be filled with chicken stock at the sides, which will be used to boil the vege-which will make the soup sweet (i tried! had alot too!yum!)..but the pork lard must be “Spreaded” across the pan well, to ensure the meat won’t stick..

For myself, i had dried beancurd (Tou fu Pok) RM2.90..

beancurdUnderneath there is some cabbage which i put in the soup..

beancurd1My beancurd on the BBQ pan.. spreadwith pork lard. my tofu pok stuck though.. not enough oil to grease the pan… and it fell into the soup!! So it was difficult to get it crispy..

foodThis is what Pik San and Svun ordered.. Two pork sets.. RM11.90 at student price.. Came with vege, pork slices, chicken slices, cuttlefish, fish, and other stuff..also a bowl of garlic rice, which i had a spoonful from pik San’s bowl. Quite nice.. I think it’s quite worth it cos there’s alot of variety..

sauceThis is the sauce they give to dip the bbq-ed items in.. Garlic, cili padi, and lime was given to mix in it..

Reminds me of the sweet sauce given when eating yong tau foo.

After lunch, we went to look around at the japanese fair, and i bought some tid bits..(not good!! Suppose to save money and diet! lol)

I’m still dreaming of my soft shell crab, now that i’m home.. lol

Ok..Ta for now.. gonna clean my room.. still haven’t finish clearing the new shelf..


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