banana & nut butter

they were meant to be!!!

nanerMelrose ABC spread rawks my tastebuds!!! I heart nut spreads.. I’m sorry i’m forever raving about Melrose’s spread.. cos i can’t buy anything else here. Everything’s uber pricey here..

I had half a naner (the other half went to Grandma’s tum tum) and some ABC spread..

Other stuff for brekkie was..

coffeeWhat would life mornings be without coffee? I wanted to buy the coffee drip from Coffee Ritual.. but it was recommended for Vietnamese coffee only.. I want to try french press badly.. but after spending so much recently.. i guess i should not.

barThe leftover Special K’s i have are sort of expired, but i tossed it in the fridge.. hopefully it’s find..

Question: Do you eat packaged foods (cereal, etc) after they’ve expireD?

Also had some grapes, and a prune, and my last almond! I’ve gotten quite lazy with trail mix..

Worked out before breakfast.. woke up at 7.. had some coffee.. and one of these..

tartBut i think it softened, so the biscuit part wasn’t so good. Didn’t place it in an airtight container..

Run was good.. tested out my new MP3!! Yay.. i love zoning out while running.. Did weights, no situps though…

Will update lunch later! Lunch with Pik San and Svun, and i ate my most fav food in the world.. (one of my most fav food in the world)


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