I know i’ve been MIA for like a day or two.. i know for my friends, it’s nothing, but for the food-blogosphere, it’s something! So sorry, have been so busy and i normally have no time to blog when dear’s around. Have to spend time with him since i do not see him as often anymore..

Anyway, i’ll continue from where i stopped.. Went to dear’s new place to help him move some stuff. moving to a third floor apartment is tiring.. But we only brought SOME of his stuff. He dealt with the big stuff, and i with the smaller bits.

By the time we were done, it was almost 1-dear left some stuff at home..

headed to Section 14 cos i wanted to go to Digital Mall..

But lunch was first priority.. we were hungry buggers..

I found this place reviewed by several bloggers before, so i wanted to try it.. Coffee Ritual.. and also cos i’m a coffee addict..

Different than your plain old starbucks (not that i’m saying Starbucks is not good.. i still heart starbucks).. this place has more food options.. Famous for their crepes.. which i had to try.. Caramel Banana crepe

crepeFor RM7, it was too simple to me. but i did like that it was quite sweet, so much so can be eaten on its own.. if i had seen that they had breakfast sets, i’d order that than this.. i did finish the dollop of whip cream.. did not want to waste money.. lol.  I found the banana portion kinda pathetic though.. Wish they served more for such a big crepe.

My choice of coffee was Cappuccino.. with Segafredo coffee..

coffeeRM6.20.. Am really glad that they served low fat milk here.. kudos to that cos not many non-commercialised places do so..

Dear’s coffee took awhile to come.. i did not take a picture of it.. but i got this from their website..

This is what is used to make the coffee.. Kinda Vietnamese style.. Drip coffee.. it’s quite a cool process.. The water kinda boils upwards.. than flows back down.. Then they’ll come to you and pour it into your empty cup, with milk on the side.

Dear chose the Colombian Special which was recommended.. it still kinda reminded me of normal coffee to tell you the truth.. For RM6, i’d pay RM0.20 more for my cappuccino.

Dear had a beef pie..

pieSorry for the disgusting looking picture.. i was hungry, so i kinda forgot to take a photo of his food. But i thought the pie was quite nice.. Beef Pie costed RM10.80 ala carte, but for a bit more, you can upgrade it to a set with a drink. The beef pie had lots of chunks of meat.. I would’ve preferred if the pastry was flakier though. Dear thought it was alright, but said he still misses the Jester pie from Australia (I still have not seen it before).

Overall, i thought the food was quite nice, pricey-ish, but it’s much better than the kopitiam (coffeeshop) food. I definitely will come back for the Segafredo, but not really for the single origin gourmet coffee.. As for service, the coffee took quite awhile.. but i guess they were short-handed. Otherwise, the staff/owner was quite friendly.

Food: 8/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

Coffee Ritual: No.35, Jalan 14/20, 46100, PJ. Tel: 03 7956 1080

After lunch, we walked ALL the way to Digital mall.. well, it was maybe two rows of shophouses away.. there wasn’t any parking at that hour, so we just walked from Coffee Ritual..

I got my Modulator!!

modulatorNote: I actually got another one for RM45, but i went back today to change because i found out it couldn’t access the MP3 player if the MP3 Player had no battery..

Cos me RM 70.. sigh.. with 1GB internal memory.. This is what you have to spend on if you do not have a CD player in your car. lol.. and am not willing to get one..

And i got a external hard drive!!

harddrive160GB  for RM185.. i don’t want to put all my pictures into my laptop cos my laptop is beginning to slow down.. So this will be my new storage! Yippee.. But i’m SO broke.. wait till you see what i got today (i’ll tell you later! 🙂 )

Went back home, and had a nap.. and soon, it was time for church.

Met Akak Jean and Carol at Rajah Brooke Cafe over at Jalan Kuchai Lama..

Sarawak food!

I saw alot of recognizable items which i had in Bintulu, but no Umai (marinated raw fish)..  😦

There was my favourite 3 layer C though..

teaYum.. could be one of the best i’ve tasted. But too bad they didn’t have the ones with the pandan/wheatgrass flavour like in Bintulu.

Before the food came, i had two bites of sweet potato, which Akak Jean brought supposedly for her detox diet, but she eventually gave in to REAL food! lol..

I had a “kiaw”.. which i boiled dumplings, in a little bit of soy sauce/sesame oil..

kiawWas quite nice. But the last time i had it in Bintulu,  there wasn’t any pork slices.. This was alright.. quite tasty.. gave one each to Dear and Grandma..

Dear ordered Tomato noodles.. essentially called Mee Dawai in Sarawak..

tomato meeAkak Carol ordered one too after seeing it. I prefer this than the one i had in Bintulu cos this was slightly crispier, but it didn’t stay crispy long anyway.. i liked the soup! Nice and tomato-ish! and thick.

Gramps and Akak Jean had a Sarawak Laksa..

curryIt had a smell of some kind of herb.. and color was less orangey than the ones i’ve seen before.. The soup was very thick.. and i felt like there was too little.. it was quite tasty.. but too little. I ate all of the shredded chicken from Gramma’s bowl.. Though grampa “said” it wasn’t that nice at first (which caused Akak Jean to order another bowl of noodles for him.. lol), he eventually finished it cos he said it got quite nice + he was hungry..

kolomeeAkak Carol and Grampa had a bowl of Kolo Mee each.. It’s similar to Hakka dry noodles, topped with minced meat and Slices of pork. Grampa really liked it so much so he’s still thinking about it. He said the minced pork was good cos it had no “smell”. but i helped him finish his sliced pork cos he doesn’t really like lean meat..

The bill totalled to about RM70 ish.. inclusive of drinks.. Twas alright, but of course, not as cheap as what you would fins in Bintulu! lol..

Food: 7.5/10 | Price: 6.4/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Service: 8/10

Rajah Brooke Cafe: No.19, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park, 58200 KL. Tel: 03 79833264,0123753990

No, we did not miss dessert.. lol.. we went to Xuan Music Cafe nearby cos we heard there’s a band playing nightly there..

Since the band only starts at 9pm, we had a few drinks, and dear still had stomach for more food..

sandwichI know.. bad pic cos of bad lighting..

Dear got an egg sandwich.. i thought it would only be one sandwich, but there was too.. and surprisingly, instead of mashed hardboil eggs, it was fried eggs, which was difficult for me to resist, so i tried some, and had the sides! I love bread “skins”.. Was quite nice..

We ordered a bowl of fries to share amongst us..

bowlThe fries were most probably frozen, but no doubt addictive..

The two singers on the other hand.. were alright only.. Sang a couple of our requests though! eheh.. The guy singer was better than the female cos the female singer overdid it..

Called it a night at about 10 ish and headed back home. Dear was really tired, and we went to bed not long after we reached home..

That’s all for my Saturday.. will update you later on Sunday which is quite interesting! I hope!

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