Jac is full

yes..i  shouldn’t have eaten too much, but the oyster omelette was right in front of me!! (We went to Happy City Food Court, Kepong, again for dinner)..

ochienHow can you not eat something so good which is right in front of you?? I didn’t know Grampa would order it.. so i took slightly more from the Nasi Lemak stall..

mix riceYum.. i missed my brinjals.. and today i had it! So much cos i thought i told Grampa not to order oyster omelette cos noone will share with me. but he “promiseD” he would.. he only ate some at the beginning, i kinda finished most of it… The brinjals were yummylicious as usual, and the beans were ok. the oyster omelette rocks!

Gramps had chicken wings..

wingsI has the boney part of the three wings. yum.. hehe.. RM2/ wing..

I had some of grandma’s brinjals from the curry vegetable she had in her mixed rice..

I’m sorry i have to rush off now.. i’ve gotta clean up my room cos of moving things around.. and set up me new MP3! Wooppee! hehe



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