Big breakfast and many snacks

After a sort of a quarrel, breakfast was Ampang Yong Tau Fu on Sunday! Well.. quarrel cos i had made plans with Gramps EARLY in the week, reminded them a day before, but gramma gladly postponed the plans and accepted others.. sigh.. i kinda felt pushed aside.

Anyway, a decision was reached, and we went to Foong Foong Restaurant in Ampang for Yong Tau Foo..

Yong Tau Foo is basically stuffed vegetables, mainly brinjals, tofu, beancurd skin, ladies fingers, bitter gourds, chillies..

We reached there at about 930 am.. there was already quite a number of tables filled up.. but 5 mins later, people had to wait for their tables. So thank God, we were just in time..

Grampa did the ordering.. so i think you should know it means alot was ordered.

soup5 soup dumplings.. with an unfulfilled request of extra vegetables..

I had two of these.. was quite nice. with some radishes and carrots in the mince meat of the dumping.. The mince pork was tasty..

ytfThis is basically what yong tau fu is.. And of course, i attacked the brinjals! Had 4 brinjals, 1 foo chok roll,  some tofu..

Normally, i don’t eat the stuffing (made out of fish paste), but i ate some cos these were one of the best i’ve eaten. Soft and tasty. I love the brinjals!! Dipped in the sweet sauce given, it was delicious!

The tofu was fresh, and felt homemade.. Was nice, and dear agreed!! I didn’t really like the foo chook.i guess i prefer the flat ones without stuffing, but they don’t serve it here.

I also had a dried beancurd (tau foo pok).. Was soft and easy to bite..

friedMany many many fried dumplings were ordered too.. This is what Foong Foong is famous for!! I love it.. The wanton skin had the crispy edges (which i ate all of from the few leftovers..), and the filling was tasty, and had no pork “smell”.. I had two of these babies..

Don’t worry, we didn’t actually finish all.. but almost.. hehe.. took home the rest..

The bill came up to RM46.50 inclusive of drinks.. The cost of each piece of yong tau foo is RM0.80.. quite reasonable compared so some places charging RM1/piece.

Food: 8.5/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Service: 7/10 | Ambience: 6/10

Foong Foong Restoran (鸿鸿酿豆腐)
621-A, Jalan Besar Ampang,
68000 Ampang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Outside this restaurant (coffeeshop), there are a couple of small stalls selling some goodies.. dear bought us RM20 worth of roasted chestnuts = 1kg, which me and dear finished it throughout the day, thus we didn’t have a proper lunch, but alot of snacks.The chestnuts weren’t as good as the last time i had it though. They weren’t hot, which left me suspecting the guy could’ve sold us previous days ones. and the last time, there was not one which i found difficult to open.. i could open ALL with the chestnuts whole. this time, i had trouble opening most of them.

I didn’t picture what the many snacks i had, but i can name some.. Lots of mixed nuts, a famous amos cookie.. grapes, prunes, honey comb biscuits.. all these besides the chestnuts.. lol..

In between the snacks, we went to Ikea in the afternoon!

And dear managed to transport my Billy bookcase back home!


Cost RM230.. it’s a limited edition version.. Dear helped me saved RM65 and 5% of RM230 by transporting it for me in his Kenari, and setting it up for me!! Thanks dear! He helped me carry this 35kg, 202 cm flat pack in his car.. and bring it to my room.. and cleared my room for me.. and set it up.. Thanks dear!!

I didn’t do much, in terms of setting it up.. Dear did most/all of it.. hehe..

Had an apple before getting down to “work”.

appleWith my Melrose ABC spread and some additional Jif PB. I think now i can never go a day without my PB/nut butter fix..

By the time we were done with setting up, etc.. took Max out.. it was 740 ish when we headed to Happy City Food court Kepong for dinner.. along with gramps.

I was craving for my O’Chien: Oyster omelette!!

eggThis crispy, fragrant, and egg oyster omelette (O’Chien) never EVER fails me.. RM7 is so worth it though i never finish the oysters.. If only the stall owner would just from the egg only for me.. i would pay RM3 for even two eggs!

Shared some popiah with Grandma..

opopiahIt came in a set of 2 for RM3.50. A wrap filled with sengkuang (turnip), nuts, beansprouts.. cucumbers, and rojak sauce.. Grandma didn’t finish her portion which dear had to help out cos she didn’t like the nuts in it, unlike me, who loves nuts in ANY dish!

Gramps ordered chicken wings..

wingsRM2/wing.. pretty pricey. but tasty.. I had half a wing.. It’s much drier than the ones i had in Yuen Steamboat, which makes holding it much easier.. but after eating it.. my fingers smelt of chicken wings.. lol..

Grandma was very focused on the Ais Kacang (Shaved Ice)

icekacangI quite like the Ais Kacang in this food court cos it has lots of ingredients, and they’re not stingy with it. Lots of red beans, peanuts, and cincau (i requested for no corn and cendol)..

Dear ordered some sushi for himself..

sushiRM3.50.. i’m sorry, but i loyal to Sakae Sushi.. or Sushi Zanmai..

Grampa ordered a Wantan Noodle in soup.. (Thin yellow noodles, in soup with pork slices [char siew] )

No, i didn’t forget to take a pic of my usual mixed rice.. There wasn’t any brinjals left!!! That’s the main reason i eat the mixed rice.. so i didn’t have any.. was kinda disappointed.

Sorry for the long posts for the weekend.. I promise i’ll get back to usual posts asap..

After dinner, we went to meet dear’s bro to get mooncakes!

Hehe.. more mooncakes to eat..

Finally, i’m done with the weekend.posting i mean.. i wish weekends lasted forever..hehe. i’ll update on today later..



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