Banana fritters

3days without run!!! But i figured, i ran an extra day a week ago to compensate for one of the mondays i won’t be running, so there blows my “get-out-of-running day”..

Got up at 8, and headed out the door for breakfast at Old Town with dear.

I love it when i can have dear to fetch me to college.. so fun to have breakkie and go our own ways after..

We each had a coffee..

coffee1Mine with two Equals of course.. One Equal is never enough for me when it’s Old Town Coffee.. I’m sorry i had to use Equal. the only thing i had in my bag.. and the only thing Starbucks gives out as for low cal sweeteners..

Dear had a Nissin noodle.. which i find not as good as last time. Not enough sesame oil, and the noodles reminded me of the local Maggi Mee chicken flavour(instant noodles), which is not what we pay RM5 something for.. C’mon Old Town, we can make maggi mee at home.. give us something better that that for something we pay so much for!

As for me.. it’s been along time since my stomach had a meeting with Mr Tong Kee egg tart..

eggtartYum!! I walked over to Tong KEe to get a mini egg tart and a cheese tart, and another regular one for dear.. I love their egg tarts.. The one, made with pork lard, is so flaky and the filling is so eggy! SO GOOD!!

tart1I didn’t take a shot in time bit off to show you a cross-section.. Rich and creamy, thick too.. and i quite like the biscuit base.. Too bad they’re so mini.. RM1.40..

I didn’t want to leave dear cos i know i’d only be meeting him again this Sunday.. but i had no choice..

Today, class was from 10.30 to 2.10pm  without a break! AFA was alright.. but IB was uber boring and turns out, the book we’re supposed to be using is gonna come late!! How are we going to study for our exam??

I only had time for a bite of the pineapple tart i brought..

tartNo, i didn’t bring that many, but i brought 2.. i bought these from the small stalls in front of the Foong Foong restaurant in Ampang on Sunday.. I had these before.. they’re quite nice, and claim to be made using the famous Sarawak pineapple. RM3.50 for 6 tarts..

I didn’t have time to eat anything else i brought, so i ate them when gramps picked me up.. at 2.15pm.. so i was quite hungry..

Besides the two pineapple tarts, i brought one mini kaya puff..

kaya puff6 for RM3.50… From the same stall as the pineapple tarts.. The kaya puff was not that nice.. it was very different than when i tried the last time. not much kaya.. and the pastry wasn’t flaky.. disappointing.. and i have 5 more.. 😦

Went to Digital mall, Section 14, to change my modulator.. and wanted to change my hard disk cos i realise i didn’t need that BIG a memory.. 16ogb..

Turns out..i couldn’t change the hard disk cos it was already opened. and a 32gb thumbdrive would cost almost the same anyway. so i didn’t feel that bad.. but i felt bad for spending more money.. on

zenA creative Zen MP3 player.. RM169.. i was choosing between the others.. and i chose this cos it was the cheapest.. i just didn’t want to spend more even if it meant RM20 more for one with a speaker and RM80 more for one which could play MP4s.. anyway.. this is for when i run.. so i guess it’s sufficient.. Sigh.. have to safe money!!

While gramps was waiting for me (i took a long time to choose between the players).. gramps found our fav goreng pisang (banana fritters) van!!! We used to eat them all the time here.. and they’re the best.. but it’s been ages and turns out they moved further down the road.. no wonder i couldn’t find them when i came on Sat..

fried nanerI had one piece, along with some crispy bits (which grampa requested for me). yumm! it’s been too long, banana fritters..

Came home, satisfied with my new MP3 player, but my wallet wasn’t satisfied though..

Neither was my stomach.. i had some grapes, a prune, honey comb biscuits, and a handful of nuts.. See the result of not having a proper lunch?

Blame my college for creating such a timetable..

Ok. Time for dinner.. I know.. it feels like i was just talking about snack.. but i started blogging at 4 something, and it’s 6 something now..





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