Cereal misses me

It’s been awhile since i had cereal.. ok… i know.. 1 week or so is not AWHILE.. but it’s a long time for me..

I opened a box of All Bran Complete Flakes..

Stats are good.. 20% of daily fibre & 90 cals per 3/4 cup..

i used half a cup and 1/2 of a 3/4 cup measure of my Special K Berries.. Topped with a couple o’ nuts and 1/2 cup Magnolia Calcium Plus milk..

I love this milk.. reminds me of the Daisy milk which i don’t see around anymore..

cerealYum!! I miss cereal too.. hehe.. new bowl i got free from buying to cartons of Sunkist orange juice..

Leftover milk from this bowl headed to:

coffeeMy morning java.. sounds so grand.. but just plain ol’ Nescafe Gold.. beats the Nescafe Classics anytime!

As for dear, i cooked for him! 🙂 Sausages and eggs!

eggsausagesUsed normal Ayamas sausages.. and as you can see, i kinda ruined one of the eggs while cracking it. I’ve yet to master the art to cracking eggs..

wedgesTossed these simplot wedges into the oven while prepping the rest of the food..

After my cereal.. i had a couple of grapes and a prune..

appleAnd i had to have my nut butter/PB fix for the day.. so an apple (not so nice Washingtons) with Melrose ABC spread and some Jif PB later on..

Akak Jean came, and topped up my petrol of my car.. Then off we went to move some of dear’s stuff! He’s moving to Ara Damansara-not so far away! Yay!


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