Moorthy’s Indian Rice

This post was meant for Sunday, since it was our plan to head to Brickfields on Sunday. Change of plans!

I suggested that we go today.. since it’s the start of my 3day weekend! Woo hoo!

Anyway, after my workout, i had some mixed nuts and went to bathe cos gramma was quite hungry..

We reached Brickfields at about 12pm.. There were already quite alot of people there..

The Moorthy Indian Rice here is good! Gramps have been coming here since my greatgranpa’s time when it was in the old location. now it’s at Mayflower restaurant, Brickfields.

I didn’t want any Banana Leaf rice, cos i knew i would overeat.. so i just stole some of Grampa’s food..

indianServed on a banana leaf, you can have unlimited amounts of vegetables- dhal+radish, potatoes, and cucumber salad.. and unlimited amounts of rice and papadom..

Of course, the fish (which Grampa says is the best), is charged separately.. Total price was RM8, reasonable considering you can have unlimited amounts of veg, rice, and papadom..

I had mixed rice-which was new here.. there were quite a few changes since the last time i came.. was delighted when i saw they had 2 types of brinjals..

mixriceThe brinjals were a tad too oily.. i can’t find brinjals which aren’t.. 😦 The egg was alright.. but this time, my fav part of the dish was not the brinjals, was the fried “coconut/butter” thing… The one next to the egg! I can’t remember what’s it called.. But i took it off a fried chicken/pork dish they were serving! SOOOOO GOOODD!! This plate cost me RM3.50..

Grandma ordered Peter’s Pork Noodle- the other famous hawker stall besides Moorthy.. No pic, but you can have a look at it here, and read the review by boo-licious of Masak-Masak.

We also had a platter of fruits, and i had some pineapple. yum..

May Flower Seafood Restaurant & Food Court
144A, Jalan Vivekananda
Off Jln Brickfields

We then went to Ikea.. again.. i  think we’re one of the few people who go to Ikea more than once a month. lol.. i wanted to get the measurement of the Billy Bookcase to see if it can fit in a Kenari.. It’s 202 cm.. Dear says it can.. so we’ll try!! I REFUSE to pay RM65 to Ikea for transportation-rip off!

Anyway, i bought a large popcorn from Cathay! Today’s one was so good. So much “caramelly” ones. Shared with Gramps.. Was so good…

And bought a couple of things from Cold Storage, and Famous Amos!! 100gm of Chocolate Chip Pecan and 100gm of Butterscotch chip pecan..

Of which i had one each when i got home!

famousamosSo delish! It’s been AGES since i had these!! I think a few YEARS? So good.. i want more!! lol.. i have, but must resist!

Dear’s coming over tonight.. but dinner is on my own today.. i think.. if i even have the stomach for it after eating so much!

Anyway, ta for now!



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