I need real food & a haircut

Forgive me.. i totally know one of my aims of this blog is to promote healthy living, but i’ve not perfected it. I’ve to admit, i haven’t been having real food often enough, i.e., last night..

Anyway, grampa suggested to go to Modern De Cafe, a place in KIP, which i don’t really like the food there.. I would’ve totally preferred Happy City Food Court in Kepong, but i know gramps had nothing to eat there, so i brought along a Special K bar for part dinner.

barGranma ordered a Nasi Lemak.. which i had some of its accompaniments.

nasilemakNasi Lemak (RM2), literally translates to Fat rice, because of the rice which is cooked with coconut milk-fat.. the regular one comes with peanuts, anchovies (ikan bilis), egg, and cucumber, and of course, not complete without sambal. The sambal at Modern De cafe was to spicy for me.. and i find the taste is something like what came out of a can.. Sigh.. but its price is alright.. I ate most of the nuts, anchovies, cucs, and the egg white.

Granpa had a fishball noodle soup.. he said it was alright, and cleaned out the bowl..

Modern De Cafe, is somewhere to go to get cheap, clean, and ok tasting food. I’m not fond of it.. but i find the Western breakfast Sets not to shabby.. RM2.50-RM2.80. Where can you get that kind of price for Western sets?

Came home, and realised a Special K bar wasn’t sufficient, so i had an apple!

appleWith some ABC Melrose Spread of course.

aBCYum! But i didn’t use much, so i had some Jif PB as well..

And other unpictured snacks were, nuts, prawn crackers, 5 pringles chips, broad beans, honeycomb biscuits.. prune..grapes..

See why i need more real food? I don’t eat much real food cos my gramps don’t really like to eat at home and pull a face if i don’t follow them out. And sometimes, the food we like don’t match each other. Me and granpa may like something grandma doesn’t.. and gramps may not like something i like, and vice versa.. That’s why i rely ou my bars…

Anyway, look what i got at Starbucks today!

shirtGot a shirt supporting 100% responsibly grown ethically traded coffee..

backYes, i really am in need of a haircut.. sigh.. This shirt cost me RM18 with the purchase of two drinks.. so yesterday, i brought home a new juice by starbucks, only to find out it was Malaysian made and totally would have preferred buying the Tazo Tea for a dollar more..

Ok.. Ta for now!!



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