Eggplant lovers, drool!

Since i haven’t been having much real food lately, and mostly bars-which i bought more today.. i had a REAL dinner at HOME tonight! 🙂

Which involved:1dipThis cool Iliada/Illada Eggplant starter(i’m not sure about the spelling, refer above) is from Greece..


Bought it from Cold Storage cos i saw in on the reduced to clear rack-i love that rack and sorry, i’m poor..Though it’s a starter, i used it as a spread/dip for..

breadDip for my carrots..i also used the last of my Sunflower butter.. bye bye Sunflower butter.. Couldn’t find any of that in Cold Storage.. Maybe out of stock.. i hope it’s that and not that they totally stopped importing it.

Spread in on my bread too.. it’s a kinda small bread roll bought from Patisfrance, and i froze it.. Quite nice.. But too much eggplant spread on it.. hehe.. i love it.. the eggplant starter was sourish-prob cos of the vinegar, but totally so eggplant-ish!! Eggplant lovers, i.e., me, will fall in love with such things.. Let’s see how long it’ll last me.. and i may buy more..

Shared mushroom soup with grampa.. Grandma wasn’t up for dinner cos of the popcorn.. I wish i was like her-able to stave of dinner and listen to her hunger cues.. if she doesn’t want to eat, she won’t.. for me, i’m just greedy.

mushroom+ 1 can of water=

soupPlus grampa’s portion (more than mine_ which i didn’t photograph.. I’m beginning to find Campbell’s soup too salty.. the healthier version is to expensive.. Oh well.. i still have my Tesco Light Choices!

Also had a persimmon..

chiHave to finish it too fast.. The one i had was pretty soft.. but tastes good..

For dessert (though the persimmon was supposed to be the dessert)

florentine2 pieces of Akak Jean’s homemade almond florentine! I want more!!! *Hint to Akak Jean*.. lol.. I love the almonds!! Which reminds me. i may go have some almonds later.. we’ll see.. maybe not.. i’m quite stuffed already..

Anyway, let’s play a guessing game..

nanerGuess what is this?










Banana! The tiniest ever.. i took a shot of the bunch, but i sent it over to Star newspaper.. Hopefully they’ll publish it and i’ll win some moolah.. so i’ll show you the pics of the cutest naners ever after that! 🙂

I’m waiting for dear… he says he’ll have dinner before coming.. Don’t know why sometimes, it makes me feel that he’s not excited to meet me and is just doing so cos I WANT to meet him..

Anyway, i’m off to Cash budgets for my BPC..

I’ll say good nite for now, and cya in the morning!



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