Sweet potatoes’


That’s the vege part of our dinner at Shiang Hee, Bandar Menjelara at least.. Yep.. you heard me.. sweet potato leaves..

vegeNormally, alot would just eat sweet potatoes, without bothering about the leaves.. Like beets.. These are so good! Tasty, and almost spinach like, but more hardy leaves. So yum.. Fried with lots of garlic-i even ate it cos it was sweet.. the sweet potato leaves were delish.. But maybe on the oily side. have to request for less oil the next time around..

Instead of ordering the usual dishes with rice, we ordered to plate of 1-person-portion noodles..

hokkien meeThis is the first time i’ve eaten Hokkien Mee (Yellow Thick noodles fried Hokkien style) with fish and prawns only. I think our request for no pork/chicken (we just don’t fancy them in individual dishes like noodles) made them think we didn’t want pork lard too.. So i suppose the noodles weren’t as fragrant as it would’ve been with pork, but it had so much prawns and fish!!!!! i ate ALOT of fish.. Though it meant bumping the price from RM7 to RM10 for only fish and prawns, the amount of fish and prawns made it worth it!

yinyiongWe also ordered Yin Yiong (Flat noodles + Thin crispy fried Vercimelli in egg gravy), without pork/chicken. This dish is alright without chicken/pork.. So much fish once again! And prawns, considering it was a 1 person portion. I loved the crispy part of the noodles! And the soup was not to starchy to the point it made you gag.. but it was just nice in terms of thickness..  Yum!

Overall, we paid rM27, RM6 for vege, RM10/plate of noodles and RM1.80 for 3 pax of chinese tea..

Was kinda shocked os we didn’t expect the bump in price. but we were satisfied.

Am off to study abit before bed time.. figured i should get down to work cos i have so many exams this sem!




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