Puffs and pastries

From Oh Pappa. that’s what i had today! 🙂

I totally wasn’t planning to run this morning, but last night, i decided to change my alarm time to 5.50am, and got up to run anyway.. boy.. was it tiring.. i just wasn’t up to the mood for it, even with these..

coffeeCoffee-to wake me up.. but i wasn’t 100% awake.. bed seemed such a better place than the treadmill..

red bean

Red bean tart from Oh Pappa.. similar to the white bean one i had yesterday.. but this was red bean.. i don’t really like it cos i don’t fancy the pastry.. i prefer flaky ones.. and the there wasn’t much red bean flavour anyway.. sigh..

Ran the usual with stops though.. did weights and situps, but less than usual.. not feeling up to it AT ALL! But i still finished the three intervals..

Right before leaving for College, Akak Jack called to have brekkie with gramps, while my granma was munching on her bread! lol..

I brought half my brekkie to college, but had a Milo:

miloYum.. love the Australian Milo. But it’s finishing.. and can only be found in Bintulu.. Oh well.. i guess i’ll stick to my coffee!

And a persimmon.. Tiniest ever..

chiI know.. strange blackish flesh persimmon. Though it was hard on the outside, it was pretty ripe already.. Too bad it ain’t seedless, or else i would’ve loved it more!

Also a couple o’ almonds, a florentine




and a prune. I know… i tend to leave out the small bits..! sorry!

Headed off to a LONG day at college! FRom 9 to 3.30 with a half hour break! And lots of practical questions today-though brain-exhausting, but made time fly..

BPC lecturer was late.. i think it was quite jam on the way..

So while waiting, i had my sesame pastry (Oh Pappa)  i brought along.

sesameInside, was sesame, and lotus/white bean paste. can’t remember.. I liked the flaky pastry. the inside is not too sweet… so i guess it was sorta healthier? Hahah.. was intended during my break of BPC, but twas hungry since i didn’t have anything for brekkie.

Lunch was at 1230pm-1pm.. Was hunting for brinjals and deep fried sotong(squid) which my college cafeteria is famous for, but there weren’t any.. so i had pastry #3..

kaya puffKaya Puff!!!! Lots of Kaya-which could imply high cal.. for a high cal pastry, it’s gone way too fast to my tummy.. but twas nice. i still prefer the ones sold by an old man in SS3 outside the lottery shops.. His is cheap and full of kaya-and bigger!

I decided to go and top up my toll card.. but i realised i had to go back to my car and get my toll card..

so i did, but only to reach the ATM machine and find out the Top-up service was out of order! Sigh.. But good walking.

Dropped by starbucks and got a Vanilla Cappucino..

I’m pretty sure mine looked like this.couldn’t snap a pic of the real one cos i was in class drinking it! i’m switching from vanilla latte to this! tastes almost the same, but less cals..

Was so glad when college was finally over.. and was even happier when i bumped into Pik San in her car, and she was willing to fetch me to my car! Less walking! I wouldn’t mind the walking, but i was quite tired already.

Came home… had some snacks.. again..

red beanI know.. double pic..i had the other half for a snack.. a couple of almonds, nuts, a mini munchy cheese cracker.. grapes..and a prune.. gosh.. i’m an eater.. sigh.

Okay.. i’m off to do some blog reading.. and then email checking.. and maybe dinner? We’ll see.. i’m tired.. lol




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