Not that healthy, but delish

My eats today weren’t the healthiest, but they were good!

Pre workout this morning was a white bean puff i bought from Oh Pappa yesterday in Daamansara Utama (near Village Park).

whitebeanI had half of it.inside reminded me alot of the lotus paste in mooncake. The pastry reminded me of pineapple tart pastry.. i’m not too fond of it.. cos me RM1.30 each.. hopefully the kaya puff i bought is better..

I actually went back to sleep after eating though only for 20 mins.. it’s been a while since i woke up early to work out. That’s why i plan to workout on Saturdays, to skip Thursdays workout-Thursdays are long days.. Today is not THAT bad..

Worked out the usual but an extra minute on the last interval..

Run + Weights + Sit up –> Yummy King on AFC –> shower

I saved this to eat before my 9 o’clock BPC class started.

honey almondI prefer this Honey Almond Flax Chewy to the crunchy granola bars.. chewy and easy on my teeth, and takes quite awhile to eat it.. one pack is 140 cals (1 bar), where as the crunchy ones are 180 cals per pack (2bars). I bit on flax seeds, which is good, cos it means its genuine. lol.. but i saw on Oprah, Dr Oz  that you should ground the flaxseed for consumption to get the benefits. the ones in this bar are whole.. 😦

At home, i had an apple..

appleSpot the ABC melrose spread?? I know i wasn’t fond of it at first, but now, i’m IN LOVE with it!!! i just don’t want to finish it cos it means i’d have to wait for Sam to come back..

I couldn’t resist some of the nuts i roasted last night..

nutsmaybe the cashewnuts can be multiplied by three, inclusive of when i had second helpings, and munched with Pik San during lunch, and also finished the last 5 in class which Pik San didn’t finish.. (I brought some for her cos i was talking about roasting cashews, and found out she loves them like me! Yay!)

And a prune + grapes.. thank God i don’t buy grapes all the time.. or else i’ll be eating that ALL day! i love them too!!

And not never to forget coffee!

coffeeSpeaking of coffee, Starbucks was giving out free freshly brewed coffee today from 10-12pm! i snagged one when after BPC class which ended at 1130am! just in time! I love it that Starbucks is all  about the farmers and the environment. Great contribution to the community! Visit it at their website about the shared planet campaign.

Anyway, the reason i went to Centrepoint was to meet Pik San, at the same time get my coffee..

Was supposed to spend her Baskin Robbins (Pik San, i was serious about spending ya!) cos i kinda ditched her when she ate Gelato Fruity at One Utama. Lol.. But she didn’t want.. so i had MY ice cream (while waiting for her to get her Subway sandwich)

perilsI had 3 samples: Perils of Praline, Chocolate fudge truffle, and no sugar butter almond crunch. I WANTED ALL! but i had to listen to my diet conscience, and only had a junior scoop of Perils of Praline-vanilla yogurt with pecans and chocolate cookies/chips.. SOOOO GOOOOD!!!

So fun to chat with Pik San-we so click! lol.. my goodness..i sound so gawky.. Anyway, what i mean is that we just understand each other Cantonese words, Ngam! 🙂

Was so hot when we were on the way back to college.. was sweating like pigs..

IB was….unproductive.. well at least the first tutorial was. The lecturer couldn’t give us a straight definite answer and said there wasn’t. I asked for the guideline, all he said was read more-same thing he said last year when he taught my class Research skills.. Read more journals.. Sigh.. Second class was alright, but was slightly confusing cos the lecturer kept jumping between the two questions.

Came home-and faced the result of not having a proper lunch. I munched on alot of stuff..

Some mixed nuts..

nutBought these from House of Ingredients.. RM4.80.. The peas taste kinda stale.. and i prefer the broad beans i bought from the night market, which i also had a handful of..

Maybe 7 grapes-see what i mean..i can have them all day..

and a prune..

and half of the white bean puff i had this morning, though i didn’t really like it.

I realise that, if you don’t like it, why waste your calories on it? i suppose we have that guilt trip of wasting food. If you think of it, we could give the food to stray dogs (there’s alot in Malaysia, not in Western countries).. their body most probably needs it more than us.

ANyway, i’m off to read blogs, and i don’t know. lol



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