What’s on top of International BusinesS?

my granola bar of course!

barwas studying IB last night.. left the book on the table till i came down this morning to have a Kashi bar pre-workout.

And a coffee

coffeeTo wake me up.. getting out to workout is not easy.. it’s hardly ever going to get easy.. but coffee helps. 🙂

Worked out the usual with music! Music helps too!

After workout.. had a plum w/banana butter..

plumThe last of the horrible plums! Banana butter made them better 🙂

And a couple of grapes..

grapesThese grapes are the best! HUGE, sweet, fleshy and juicy! Lovely!

And never forget the faithful prune.. I followed gramps for their breakfast at OK coffee shop in TTDI, where i had my other half of this morning’s Kashi.

Oh.. a pineapple too!

pineappleso sweet with a little bit of Asam + sugar powder..

I THOUGHT class starts at 11 am.. but when i reached at 10.55, i noticed the lecturer had started teaching!! Turns out i saw the timetable wrongly, and it starts at 10.30 am! Gramps would’ve killed me if they found out. But the lecturer started late anyways..

Lecturer didn’t dismiss us early.. in fact late! He was rambling non-stop.. i feel it’s more effective reading the book on my own.

Lunch was at Black Canyon Coffee at Centrepoint..

This place has been around for quite a while. The food’s quite nice-fusion food & promoting good health, and it’s reasonable-but not CHEAP. Coffee is good.. maybe 1 or 2 dollars cheaper than starbucks.

It was pretty packed, so food was slightly slow..


American Club Sandwich
Ham, roasted chicken breast, cheese slices, lettuce and tomato between three slices of toast.

That’s the explanation i found on the website… Svun’s American Club sandwich. I stole some of the fries! Told you.. put some in front of me, and i’ll have somE! Cheese and chicken seems to make Svun full.. She kept on saying she was full maybe after the 2nd piece.. but she finished it in the end. She claims the fries were old fries.. but was alright..

Pik San ordered a set meal which came with a Tomyam Soup starter and a watermelon juice..

tomyamSmelled great…

Her main course was roasted chicken with gravy..

chicken1A chicken leg-quarter is served with a vegetable gravy, rice and stir-fried mixed vegetables. See here.

Pik San loves the gravy but not the peas! I had the peas! Quite a reasonable portion.. I just notices.. they have nutrition info in the website! So cool!

But i realised my seafood salad cost me nearly 400 cals!!!


Seafood ‘Yum’
Prawns, squid and fish are cooked, then tossed with a spicy sweet sauce, cashews and onions.  Served warm, not hot.

Was nice.. But the fish was slightly chewy.. i asked for extra cashews, and they did give! So yummy.. i was happily enjoying my cashews (fav part!)…This was RM8.90.. And i thought this was low cal..(which is not).. I had quarter of Grampa’s McD apple pie when i got in the car!!

And when we went to KFC to “wait” for Gramma who was at the hospital..i had some fries..

friesAnd three bites of the Alaskan Fish burger..

fish burgerFish burger was alright but grampa prefers McD.. It was bigger than expected though..

So much for a supposedly low cal lunch. So it’s lucky i was kinda late for class after Black Canyon cos i was planning to by ice cream.. but postponed it for tomorrow..

I’ll post about dinner later!




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