Eggs and sausages

No… i’ve not skipped dinner and posted breakfast.. that’s what we had for dinner! 🙂

Decided to cook tonight.. since that was the actual plan for this afternoon.. it’s been quite awhile since we cook.. and i’m so sorry to include processed foods when we cook. It seems so much easier cos normally, our decision to cook is kinda spontaneous. But i promise, we try to do it as HEALTHY as possible! 🙂

I cooked sausages with peppers:

sosejI fried some garlic, then added a big red onion-i love onions (cooked ones).. cooked them thoroughly before adding the capsicums-i wanted to buy multi colored, but since the dish was for two, one green one seemed sufficient-i used half only.

Should have added the capsicums before the onions were cooked cos the capsicums came out raw.. but all good, cos capsicums are also delish when raw!

Finally, added the nuked sausages (for 45 secs) and cooked till brown.. to quicken the time, i covered the food to create pressure/steam to cook them.

sausagesI added salt & italian seasoning at the last second, but i think it wasn’t enough Italian seasoning cos not much was tasted..

Spinach was on the menu too..

spinachUn-fully cooked though.. again! the leaves were hard.. so i assume this variety of spinach is not viable for salads..

Fried some whole garlic, put the stems.. let them steam for abit with some added water. Then added the leaves.. stir-fried them. let them steam-but not long enough..

Sauce mixture:

  • dash of fish sauce
  • dash of cooking wine
  • oyster sauce
  • soy sauce

All measurements were eyeballed.. At the last minute, added the sauce mixture together with some chicken stock granules. Salt wasn’t needed as there were the granules and soy sauce..

The spinach TASTED alright, but was too hard.. sigh.. failed attempt again.

Dear, on the other hand, cooked some fav egg!

eggthis had 3 eggs-didn’t look like three to me! i could had have it all for myself! And as much onions you care for, with soy sauce! So yummy!! yet so simple!

I didn’t have any rice since i had lots of carb this afternoon. was quite snacky after dinner though: i think my body misses my trail mix..

Anyway, dear had to go back early cos tomorrow he’s working.. 😦

Watched some CSI NY together before he went back.. i munched on some broad beans.. and some sunflower seeds before dinner.

We sat outside before dinner to enjoy the cool air, while eating sunflower seeds and throwing the husks onto my bare garden patch in hopes it will eventually become compost! lol.

Heading off to my Advanced Financial Accounting homework which i can’t balance! 😦


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