Cereal day in many ways!

So much cereal, so little time and stomach right?

Woke up at 7am for my workout, for which i had 3 Wholewheat biscuits from Gullon before the workout.. Sooo reminds me of Marie biscuits.

Ran the usual with some weights and situps.. i’m sorry. i know i’m boring with my workouts..

Breakfast wasn’t!

Special K Berries Cereal:


Topped with some flaxseed, and a teaspoon-coated Melrose ABC spread!

What a luxurious spread.. it got abit lost in the cereal, but i tried to eat some ABC spread with every mouthful..i guess all i can say..in cereals, PB would have a stronger impact on the flavour.

The blueberries and other berries in the cereal was really livened up with the addition of milk-which made my milk blueberry flavoured-which became:

coffeeblueberry coffee! serious! i tasted & smelled the blueberries in my coffee.. which was quite nice.I did drink blueberry coffee once at a cafe/bistro in Bintulu, Sarawak. This coffee reminded me of that!

A prune was in store…and a naner!

bananaWhy did i take so long to try PB and naner? It’s so good!! salty + sweet! PERFECT and delish! i can eat this all day! if only PB and other nut butters weren’t so calorific.

Not to forget, Akak Jean’s famous florentines!

florentineDelish and hard to resist! She used to sell them, but she said she can’t make much cos the cost is high cos it has more almonds than others, and not many are willing to pay..

Today’s class streched till 2.30 breakless! But i got to college in time today. i figured i’d have to leave my home 30 mins before to get there in time, inclusive of the walking & parking time..

I only had lunch during a 5 min break after during IB.. no time during AFA, plus wasn’t hungry.

Brought along my recently bought Kashi bar..

barYum! let Pik San try some too. she said she feels like a rabbit eating it. Nevertheless, it’s one of my fav bars.. don’t know about the famous larabars-never got a chance to try them 😦

I have to admit, during IB, there was not much paying attention! Sorry! but will read up on the materials after this post!

Dropped by the baking shop on the way home and replenished my stash of almonds. May make more trail mix today: almonds + pumpkin seeds + cashews!

Came home only to find gramps not in the house. Turns out the went out for lunch. So i had my own little snack:

barSpecial K Yoghurty drizzle. now you know why cereal day. I didn’t stop here though..

Pistachios, broadbeans, grams, and a prune..oh. and grapes!

Gosh.. i should have just skipped the bar cos my plan was to JUST have the bar. I still ended up eating a whole lotta things.

Ok.. i’ve gots ta go! Blog reading, and IB reading..



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