Bak Kut Teh

Dinner was yummy bak kut teh! Since i ate two meals not dining out, i decided to join gramps for dinner at Yip Yong Klang Bak Kut Teh in Aman Puri.

I was quite hungry before dinner-ing, so i opened the “nut” mix i bought from House of Ingredients.. consisting of peas, broad beans, coated peanuts, and some flour cracker (something like the crab flavoured sancks).

Finally, gramps managed to pull themselves away from the TV, and we left for dinner!

Ordered two of these:

bktWe call it the black one.. lol.. Basically,it’s pork stewed in dark and thick soy sauce.. with okra, dried chillies, and dried sotong. So yummy.. and i love to scrape the bottom of the pot to get the burnt bits! I requested one bowl to have lean, and the other with fat (for gramps)..

Though the meat i ate was lean, it was so soft, it was kinda hard to believe i was eating lean meat.. i hope the bowl i ate was mine,… and not the ones from gramps.. lol..

Also got a claypot full of beancurd..

beancurdDried beancurd! In cantonese-Tao Pok and Fu Chuk. Tao pok is squarish, but fu chuk is flat pieces of beancurd skin.. yum! all in a herbal soup which is hot and herbalish!

Bak Kut Teh is not complete without:

yckYau Char Kwai! Deep fried dough! but it cannot beat “I love yoo!”. but i’d settle for this. i neer normally buy/eat yau char kwai unless someone orders it.. or it’s im front of me.. same goes with fries! 🙂

No veges since we ordered a claypot full of beancurd. Bill came up to RM30.20 inclusive of 2 bowls of rice and jasmine tea. Quite pricey, but they’re good..

There some new finds in Aman Puri. Yap Fong Bak Kut Teh & Restoran Phoenix-RM18/kg for crabs! Also Tanjung Rambutan BBQ & Steamboat buffet! But not many people were there cos of the location, however, i think it’s also cos it’s new. Will try there one day!

Did some studying of IB.. got abit boring. I gotta refrain studying downstairs cos i’d be tempted to eat..

Tomorrow, will be following gramps out at 10 and let them fetch me to col. Granma’s going for her checkup..

Good night! Sweet dreams..

P/S: Dear’s friend, E, said this very interesting “quote”

Intelligence is not Wisdom.

Note: When i came back..i had a prune.. and this..

chiPersimmons.. Really tiny one.. I don’t know why it’s black.. but i still ate it..  lol..


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