Yummy duck

Well.. that was last night’s dinner.. bui i’ll update on LUNCH first.

By the time gramps distributed food to the stray dogs, it was 2pm, and still noone had decided where to eat.

Luckily, i mentioned i brought along a Kashi bar, so they need not worry about me.

Had opened it by 230pm cos i was kinda hungry.

barI bought this yesterday.. My first with this roasted almond crunch flavour-it’s almost the same as honey toasted grains, but with a closer look at the bar, i saw almond nut butter-it’s on the ingredients list too.. in the middle, and not the end of the list like the Honey Toasted 7 grains. I didn’t find abundance of almonds, but i suppose it’s LESS sweet than the Honey one. It’s still hard for me to bite, so i break it up into pieces- and much better!

Gramps decided to eat Seapark prawn noodles in a van..

prawn meeDon’t you doubt the idea of a van and being outside of a market. you can’t find prawn noodles THIS good! RM4.50 a bowl, quite alot of prawns (small ones). But the soup was so good. The spoon of sambal (chilli pastE) is recommended to be added in. I had gramps’ vege, prawns, and ALOT of soup! This van is located outside the Seapark market in SS2.

Headed to Curve cos i wanted to go to Borders’ Starbucks for a read..

coffeeA caramel cream latte was calling my name-low fat Venti to share with gramps. I split half into my tumbler, and another into a cup. They were promoting a free coffee wallet with an order of Venti Cream Caramel latte, Vanilla Cappucinno or Iced Mocha. See here:

I thought it was a cloth coffee wallet or something, but turns out, it’s small, and made out of paper. Containing some vouchers for an extra shot of espresso, RM2 off, and a tall bev with purchase of a bag of beans. 2 vouchers each. I was kinda disappointed.. Oh well… i loved my drink though!

Had a good read of mags-Women’s health, Good Health, Slimming & Health-notice the trend? lol

Women’s health was promoting the goodness of eating PB! YaY!

Left for church, and turns out Fr. Thomas Loh (one of the church’s priest), is going to Toronto, Canada on a mission. God bless his 2 years there.

Dear joined us for dinner, so we met up at Akak Carol’s place.. to head to Yummy duck, around Jalan Kuchai Lama.

Prices of the food were quite pricey.. but the food was quite good. The chef (i think he was the chef..wearing a chef hat), was kind enough to guide us through what to order.. and thus, i’ll guide YOU through what we ate!

meeGranma, Grampa and Akak Carol had noodles each-there was pork lard in it, so i assume gramps REALLY enjoyed it! RM2.80 per plate. Grampa said it’s almost the same standard as Nippy Noodles..

Ordered a roast duck.. HALF a roast duck. silly not to order duck when at a place called yummy duck. lol

duckI love the sweet sauce-that’s the only reason i eat duck!!!! i had a couple of pieces of the breast meat.. Twas good. Quite tender and flavourful.. Granmma liked it!

Also half a roast chicken

chickenThough most i ate was the breast part, it was moist and tasty! And i ate one part of the wing, so crispy! I actually ate some skin! was so criapy (of course the skin without the fat).

Also ordered 2 plates of Yau mak (stir-fried lettuce)-was kinda normal and not really full of taste. I’ve tried better ones..

Choy Keok was good though, addictive!

choy keokI really like the big chunks of vege, and the soup is quite thick, more of a stew!

Oh.. and also a plate of Roast pork belly (siew yuk) was not pictured.. alot of fat, so i tried one piece only. Was alright, but not as good as Nippy.

The teas here are quite reasonable.. RM2/pot/person. big pot costs RM4.

The total bill came up to RM110. pricey?

We then went to Little Tree cafe for drinks..  Dear and me shared a honey low fat milk. Was amazed that they served low fat.

French fries aroma was in the air, but i guessed noone dared to order..

More mags for me to read there!

Ok.. I think i’ve gotta go before granma gets to the clothes before me.



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