We took the LRT to KLCC..i know.. H1N1 season, not the safest option.. but lets just hope we’re ok! 🙂

Met dear’s friend, E, who’s going back to Philippines soon.. so we won’t be meeting him any more. A really nice guy..

Walked abit before heading to Nando’s for lunch.

I normally would order the chicken kebab with two sidelines-RM15.50, but no more kebabs! So disappointed. So i just ordered two sidelines..

tatersI love their potato salad (RM5) compared to Kenny Roger’s! So yum.. but dear doesn’t.. so all to myself! not to heavy.. and i love that they use baby taters!

Sorry! I ordered grilled vege (RM5), but not pictured cos it came late and i was hungry! Lots of brinjals…little shrooms though.. And not salty enough,  i added my own salt..

Dear and E had 1/4 chicken and two sidelines (RM14.50)

nandoI had quite alot of dear’s chips and a spoonful of rice. The rice was not as good as i expected, but the chips were! Big and meaty! not like flimsy McD!

The bill came to RM58 something.. pricey huh? oh well..

It’s fun to hang out with friends once in awhile! get to know what’s going on besides our own lives! lol..

We then went to Starbucks for drinks.. Well.. at first it was for drinks only..

eclairsThen E came with Chocolate eclairs.. Twas quite nice, had a couple of bites.. but i liked this more..

chocChocolate bliss they call it! I think it had some cream/cheese in it and lots of walnuts. I loved the crispy base!

I had a tall low fat vanilla cappucinno, dear had a vanilla latte and E had a caramel Frap! I think i’ve moved from regular cappucinno to vanilla ones. They’re so much better! but if i wanna skimp cals on the syrup, i guess i’ll stick to cappucino with equal!

We talked for quite a bit. and now i’m home!

Hehe.. ok.. i don’t really know what’s for dinner, but i’ll promise an update!


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