Sorry for the rushed post before this. Had to dry dear’s clothes. Since he was still in dreamland, i had my own brekkie.. all by my lonesome self.

granolanuked this for 15 secs.. and the Kashi bar was just soft enough for my teeth! Yum..

Had a plum for fruit..

plumYes, on the same plate so save washing dishes & the environment! 🙂 The plum, though already soft, was so sour! The Banana butter helped so much! But i needed more than what was on the spoon, so i added some Jif PB! Yum.. I may or may not have took out more PB than needed just to satisfy my PB craving.. 🙂

Oh..and i HAD to try this Florentine Akak Jean made!!

florentineeSo good!! She made it with sliced almonds. Sweet and crispy! Yum! i want more!

Watched Murder Club while waiting for dear to wake up.. Can you see why i don’t like his shifts? He’s ALWAYS tired.. 😦

When he finally woke up, we headed to Old Town, but i didn’t have anything..he had nissin noodles though..

Came back… had a prune, and some honeycomb cookies.

Off to KLCC to meet dear’s friend..



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