Peanut and nut butter morning

That’s what i had alot of for breakfast! had so much fun licking the spoon (what a great excuse to consume more when you can’t find the butter knife!) 😉

Had a great sleep, woke up at 820am.. cleaned up a downstairs abit before brekkie.. I was trying to decide what to have for breakfast! So many breakfast goodies in the house!

I settled with bread-sourdough from Patisfrance

breadOn the left, topped with Melrose ABC spread.. and the right is with apricot jam.. Of course, i ate the apricot one first. save the best (nut butter) for last!

A coffee to keep me awake-it’s house chores day today..

coffeeand decided to have a naner-from the fridge with more PB!!!

nanerNow, who said bananas can’t be kept in the fridge? toss it in a bag, tie it up, place it in the vegetable drawer! The skin doesn’t turn black! And also, who says you can have too much PB.. (well noone, but just made this paragraph sound good! lol. )

Didn’t have a prune cos we’re running out-don’t see any promos on them nowadays. 😦

Oh.. and here’s a look at my spinach:

spinachGiving some to Akak Jean, and some to the neighbourhood “gardener”. And some for this sunday!

Ok.. Ta for now.. Off to some chores :

  • Mop floor
  • Toilet washing
  • Bathing the dog-if the weather persists
  • hand wash some clothes



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