Snacky night

Gosh.. i know it’s morning now, but last night, i had too much snacks! Bad! I think it was a result of not having a proper dinner.. 😦

I munched on the honey comb cookies bought yesterday, some grams.. and pistachios. Sigh.. MUST have proper DINNER! But i just didn’t know what to have.

Watched New Girl in Town-Renee Zellweger & Harry Connick Jr. Was quite nice, but i guess in words dear would say, “predictable”. but no matter what, i LOVE these kinda shows. Only got to bed at 1130pm..

Woke up at 7 ish, but off the bed at 745am! Haha.. Well.. i’m glad to say i’ve been getting decent hours of sleep compared to my working days.

Now, i plan to not run on Thursdays cos classes run from 9 to 3.30 non-stop! with a half hour break.

Anywho.. i pictured my pre-workout snack today!

coffeeCoffee to get me going. They say caffeine prolongs your stamina.. well, i’ve tried no coffee before workouts, and coffee before workouts, i guess i’m more awake.. but not really sure about stamina. About the same i suppose.

Also had a Special K Yoghurty Drizzle,

barAnd a couple o’ grams (kacang putih).

gramsJust in case you get confused with gram nuts and gram weight.

About an hour later, i had my workout. The usual with weights and situps. I’m getting used to me new intervals:

  • 7mins, incline, 9.0km/h
  • 7mins, incline, 9.2km/h
  • 7mins, no incline, 9.4km/h

Slowly, but surely i’m improving!

After the run, i had a naner with ABC spread.

nanerI’m realy beginning to love this Almond, Brazil, and Cashewnut spread by Melrose. I better not get addicted, or else it means i’ll be spending RM30 over for it! Damn taxes! it’s 33% almonds, 34% brazil nuts, and 33% cashewnut.. I’ll bug Sam to buy just the cashewnut one cos i LOVE cashews!

After the naner, i went out to harvest my spinach! Quite tiring, but i got them all out and they’re soaking in the water now to get rid of all the yucky insects! There’s like two pails of it, though i bet when cooked, it’s a really small amount. It just may be featured this Sunday for lunch-unless plans change..

Was worn out after tending to my garden patch-i’ve still yet to clear the soil of weeds though.

I was kinda hungry, so i had a couple of snacks: a small blueberry tart (peeled the pastry off)..

blueberryAnd a piece of these chocolate filled bears.

huggy bearThese are the ones i mixed into my trail mix.. i’m using them for the sake of finishing them. Akak JAck gave it to us. I prefer the Meiji Panda ones.

And a prune + 3 of these wonderful GRAPES!!

grapesGranma bought this for me yesterday from the night market. This bunch cost RM17 something! Not worth it on a daily basis, but i guess its a healthy indulgence! Thanks Granma! They were sweet, big and juicy!!

That’s my eats for morning at least..

Dear is watching an airshow at Subang Airport, though he worked night shift last night. Yesterday, he asked, “Do you think i’m obsessed with military aircrafts?”.. Now, i agree.. lol.

Ta for now. Off to do some blog-reading!



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