I know i promised that i’ll have a meal out only once-a-day: it’s considered good when you live in a family who eats out ALL the time.

But i had lunch and DINNER out! Boo!

We left pretty late for lunch, at about 1 ish. so Section 17 was out cos we knew it would be TOO crowded. So we headed to a coffeeshop in SS2 (Seapark), to which Grampa refers to as “Lim Keat Siang”. I think it’s cos he owns it or something. Anyway, most of the stalls at the coffee shop we intended to go to was closed, so we went to the one next door. So sorry for forgetting the name, but i can tell you it’s a corner coffee shop! πŸ™‚

Anyway, i thought i wouldn’t find anything to my liking there… but i spotted someone carrying a plate of mixed rice.. but i didn’t spot any stall selling mixed rice.. so i walked about, and i found a vegetarian stall!! And the lady was friendly too!

vegThis plate only cost me RM2.50.. Yum.. a big portion of brinjals, tofu with petai & sambal (spicy chilli paste), and a piece of “chai ngo“, vegetarian duck i think..

The brinjals were much different than the one i eat at Hong Seng coffee shop.. but these reminded me of the ones my grandma cooks. Yum! Fried with dark soy sauce..the tofu sambal was alright-oily-ish. The lady owner was so right-the “chai ngo” was NOT oily! though deep fried.. i think she fried it at the right temperature 365 *, which Michael Smith from Chef At Home suggests, which doesn’t allow the food to absorb the oil! I’m so glad i found non-oily chai ngo.

I ordered a Teh C special..

teh cYum.. i’m kinda addicted to it. The bottom layer is palm sugar (gula melaka), then evaporated milk, then tea! Mix ’em together, and it’s so yummy! But though i asked it to be not too sweet, it came pretty sweet.

Gramma ordered her fav prok ball noodles, which i stole some of the mince pork too! πŸ™‚

After lunch, we decided to go to Ikea to hunt for a shelving unit for my room to replace a small coffee table blocking my way. No, i do not know what a coffee table is doing in my room. lol..

Dropped by my college to borrow a book for International business..

Then to IKEA! I seriously love the stuff at Ikea. The designs look fun but i know i’d never be able to replicate them in my house. There’s too many things in the house. I spotted two book cases which i liked, one RM230, the other RM189.. but they were too tall to be transported back in our little kenari car, which means we needed Ikea’s help for transportation. BUT it would cost us an extra RM65. So i told Granma to think about it.

I did buy a salad spinner from Ikea! RM16.90! so cool. will snap a shot of it tomorrow. i didn’t bring my cam today. i know. a food blogger’s sin. sorry! so the pics were from the Samsung phone.

After the long walk through Ikea (only one way in and one way out), i dropped by Cold Storage to see if there were any reduced priced cereals.. Guess what, i bought more Kashi bars! πŸ™‚

There’s Ah Cheng Laksa in Cold Storage (on the outside part).. While i was browsing around, grampa had some sushi… When i came back, Gramma told me to find something for dinner. There was no SET brown rice sushi! 😦 Was disappointed. Granma got a curry noodles.. RM7.90 with Si ham (oyster) and a longan drink.

curry noodlesWas alright. Alot of oyster for an extra dollar (no siham is RM6.90). Too me, i found it quite nice. But i’m not a curry eater. Gramma said it was alright, but she finished all the noodles! Hope tonight, her stomach will be okay.

I had like half a piece of kuih lapis (nonya cake), and some curry with chicken and beancurd. see what i mean..i had BITS of here and there for dinner. πŸ™‚

So, since i didn’t have anything, and we were interested to try the new hawker square in Ikano, we dropped by.. Spotted “I love Yoo”, selling porridge and yau char kwai (deep fried though). There are many branches (in 1 Utama and Mid Valley). Of course, Yau Char Kwai and porridge are two of grampa’s fav foods, so he had to try!

friedFrom left: Butterfly bun (RM1.40), Yau Char Kwai (RM3.90 with porridge), Yam balls and sweet potato balls (RM3/5pcs).

Grandma didn’t like any of it. she thought the hawker stall types are better. But me and grandpa loved the Yau Char Kwai. I think they are the best. On its own, it’s RM1.40. But so worth it. Where can you find Yau Char Kwai, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. I think they’ve perfected it. Luckily, i didn’t order the oyster omelette the next stall was selling. I had room for more of these deep-fried stuff!

The Butterfly bun, aka Ma Keok, was quite nice, but i prefer it crispier. I ate the outer part with the sesame only though. And i ate one sweet potato ball, and one yam ball. The sweet potato ball was nicer. Grandma said there was too much flour.. i thought it was the YAM one with too much flour. The sweet potato ball was good.

I had a spoonful of Grampa’s porridge-good! And i could smell fresh soya bean in the making! Soya bean was RM2.90, pricier than the soya shop, but i think this one’s fresh though we didn’t try.

Since i wasn’t that full, i bought a PB kik Kok (a thin crepe like pancake). It was big-ish and crispy! Reminds me of ah pom (less crispier crepe), but crispy all over, and wit PB. There are other flavours like banana, butter, etc. RM2 for the PB one. I liked it. Granma thought the PB was revolting (she likes nuts, but not PB. Yes, she’s strange).

The best part was the end of the crepe cos the PB kinda gathered up, so yum!

And i did all this eating while on the phone with dear! lol..

Boy, alot of eating was done today! but in bits. So i guess it’s ok? I hope.

Came home, had some roasted grams. May return for a fruit..

Tonight, i’m hitting the books.. no tv! I’ll try :p

Good night!



One thought on “Bits

  1. What a great meal! I love Thai Iced Tea as much as you do and have learned to make it at home myself. I followed your blog from the foodieblogroll and I’d love to guide our readers to your site if you won’t mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it’s all set, Thanks!

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