3 in 1

I’m so sorry for having today’s post three in one..Totally had no time cos break was only half an hour today and gramps wanted to go to the night market.

morning sun

Woke up before my alarm of 8am.. so i just went downstairs for a quick bite before my run. wasn’t supposed to run today, but since BPC class was cancelled, class starts at 11! but next tuesday, class ends later cos of replacement! 😦

Had me a coffee and 2 weetameals with sunflower seed butter.. what’s left of it anyways. i may or may have not had a small reasonable amount of PB straight from the jar while grampa was eating his breakfast.. πŸ˜‰

Hehe.. did my run-seems so much easier with some music, and also thinking what i should have for breakfast and lunch at the same time!

So brekkie was my first go at the all famous yoghurt mess in the blog world..

yoghurtI know you can’t really see much yoghurt, but i promise, there’s one portion of Anlene yoghurt in there.. Greek/Swiss yoghurts are hardly available, maybe in Cold Storage, but it can get to more than RM10 per portion.. Topped it with some flax, wheat germ, special K cereal, trail mix and Kelloggs All Bran. And a 1/4 tbsp of Naturals Melrose Almond Cashew and Brazil nut butter.

yoghurtmess(has anyone been having problems with wordpress? i can’t get my pics up in full size.. only med.. 😦 )

Ok.. to tell you the truth, i’ve never been fond of natural yoghurt flavour! I thought it won’t be there with all my toppings.. but i felt the yoghurt overpowered all the flavours.. I couldn’t taste much of my toppings.. Maybe i should reduce the yoghurt? And the Nut butter got lost in the mix too.. i might as well just eat it on its own.. nevertheless, this is attempt#1, so i’ll be sure to try it with less yoghurt the next time around!

Also had a prune…

Off to college i went.. and i was late.. just 10 minutes, but the AFA lecturer was fine with it.. 11-3.30 of AFA with 30 mins break.. You can imagine how sick i was of AFA (Advanced Financial Accounting). All the accounting standards are making me go nuts. And i’m kinda scared that it will come out in theory for the exam. I seriously prefer practical questions. I was so bored during class, until there were some calculations-time flied! πŸ™‚

Afternoon lunch

During my half hour break, i had a quick bite/lunch..

banana breadNaner which i put in the fridge a couple of days ago to preserve its unripeness.. Twas alright. The skin looked fine. I placed a few in a plastic bag and tied it up, placed it in the vegetable box. Surprisingly, the skin didn’t get all black like what i’ve read in many articles.

The sammie was slathered with apricot jam on one side, and Jif peanut butter on the other.. and eaten seperately first. The best part of course was the pb side! πŸ™‚

Also brought along some carrots with banana butter..

carrotsI am so in love with banana butter! I’m on theΒ bananawagon! I think it gets better in time!

Felt weird having lunch in class, cos it was only me and my lecturer. lol..


I actually stopped by the Accomodations department to “report for duty” cos of my scholarship.. but i just have to give them my schedule and they’ll call. They seemed nicer than i thought!

I walked all the way to Centrepoint to check my bank account, only to find out that my office ex-office has not banked in my allowance.. Turns out they’ve been processing it since 19 september until today.. 1st Oct..

Anyway, went back home.. had a special K yoghurty drizzle bar..

barNow, i’m allowing myself this bar as a snack on days i don’t have my trail mix. Cos i figured this is too light to have for a main meal. So i trade this for my trail mix on certain days. Yum!

Soon after, gramps said its time to go out!

Dropped by the “Beautiful Gates” Home in SS2 to drop off some old-but-still-new clothes and shoes.

Went to Pasar Malam (night market) and hunted for honey crisp apples..

I found some Honey apples from Africa.. They looked alot like honey crisps. Bought four only though cos i still have some bland apples from Giant..

Bought my Mat Toh Yau too, the guy who sold it near my house was at the night market!

mtyAte them at the Mee Yoke Lim coffeeshop, where gramps shared a Hokkien Mee&Kuey Teow (Hokkien Fried Noodles).

hokkien meeThis plate cost RM7. Boy, was it good. Since i didn’t get anything else to eat, i had some too.. and a couple of spoonfuls of noodles. I bit on some pork lard (yuck)! Ate all the veges and 2 prawns and all the pork. Gramps liked it so much, they ordered another RM6 plate, which i had all the veges, pork and prawns. But they couldn’t finish it, so we took it home for the strays.

Also bought some steamed groundnuts! Ate my fair share of it.. Hehe..

Other things bought:

nutsFrom the left: roasted/ fried broad beans (RM2), pistachios (RM4/100g), Grams, Freshly made honeycomb biscuits(RM4)

Had a couple of broad beans in the car, one pistachio sample, a small handful of grams, and a small piece of honeycomb biscuit (may go back for more!)

Once i reached home, i quickly cut up an apple which i think is honey crisp.. Do honey crisps come from Africa?

appleWere they ever good! It’s so good especially if you’re one who has been eating bland fruits the past 2 weeks. Yum! Should’ve bought more since i found out they can be stored for up to 7 months (see here)-if these REALLY are honey crisps.

Also had a prune to end my meal…

Oh.. and i tried roasting the grams i bought.

gramsSprayed some olive oil PAM, and sprinkled some salt. Was much better and less powdery. I’ll be doing it for the rest of my batch. Btw, the pic is featuring my recently bought mini egg-frying pan! πŸ™‚

I love this post on by Katie about carbs! I totally agree though i avoid bad carbs, i.e., simple carbs like white rice and white bread..

That’s all for my eats today! Tomorrow-no class! Woo Hoo!

Dear;s night-shifting today..

Ta for now!



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