No oyster omelette

Yes… there was no o’chien at the Happy City foodcourt in Kepong!! 😦

Shortly after eating my “snack” of Mat Toh Yau, gramps wanted to go for dinner. In fact, i was midway blogging about it, and WordPress kinda failed on me, so i agreed to go for dinner.

Went to Kepong cos granma had a craving for Beansprout chicken.. (RM7.50)

taugehThese were alright though grandma didn’t like it much. I loved the fried onions on top of it! Hehe. i found that the beansprouts tasted better after you mixed it well with the sauce at the bottom.


grandma said the chicken was alright only.. I don’t know and didn’t try cos i prefer roasted ones compared to these steamed kinds..

I of course, had my brinjals!

brinjalsThe brinjals are yummy as usual. I think the stall keeper recognizes me, cos he immediately knows i don’t want rice. Only RM1.50 for this plate! Yum.. The beans were fried with belachan, and were good too!

I would’ve taken more vegetables, but i found out that the stall selling oyster omelette was closed today!! I never come here without ordering it. Was so disappointed! 😦

Grampa ordered Thai Rice Vercimelli mix Mung Bean Noodles (Mihun + Tanghoon)

Was tastier than usual, i think the mung bean noodles made it nicer ? I’m not sure. but i ate alot of the veges and prawns.

Since me and granma ate quite alot of Grampa’s dish, grampa ordered sushi and 3 chicken wings..

chickenwingsI had three of the end bony side of the chicken wings. i love them! quite nice, drier than the Yuen Steamboat ones. But taste-wise, quite good. My hands smell of chicken wings now though!

Boy, i’m quite stuffed.. but i do feel like having a fruit.. though i had a prune already..

It’s 850pm..i think i should be studying, but i haven’t read any blogs yet..

I can sleep later tonight! Class doesn’t start till 11 am tomorrow cos the BPC class is replaced for next week! So i MAY run since tomorrow will not be too long a day.. 🙂 but 11-3.30 with a half hour break of AFA!! 😦

Ok.. Ta for now.. Night and sleep tight and sweet dreams


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