1st nut butter

Yes, i am one of the last few to eat nut butter.. lol.. mor about that later..

Woke up at 6 today for my run. i thought i’d just wake up later, hoping that the fuel from my Gullo wholewheat biscuits are still in me while i run! 🙂 had three this morning..

Ran at 630am

  • 7 mins, 9.0 km/h incline
  • 7 mins, 9.2km/h incline
  • 7 mins, 9.4 km/h no incline

I’m trying to up my speed 0.2 km/h each time. also some weights and situps..

While waiting for my sweat to dry, i prepared my lunch.. with:

nutIt’s my first go at nut butters (i tried sunflower seed butter before)..Alot of elbow grease needed to stir the oil-a workout on its own! Lol… Almond, cashew and almond butter.. i tried a bit of it, but it wasn’t stirred in properly, so i tasted the oil. but after stirring more, so much almond flavour and the fragrance of cashews!! Gosh.. i don’t know how to go back to PB after this.. but i guess i will considering the price, and the only cheap ones i can get are from Aus when Sam comes back..

Breakfast after my shower was the red bean and cream cheese multigrain from Patisfrance..

bread1Always yum after some time in the oven. Crispy on the outside with the melty cream cheese.. Yumm…. And i love the red bean whole bits.

Morning is not complete without me coffee.

Sorry.. i don’t know why WordPress won’t insert my coffee pic.. 😦

And a prune to end it all..

There was a horrible traffic jam this morning. what made it worse was that i decided to leave later than usual.. I reached college at about 9.20 am after being stuck in the jam for an hour. Luckily, everyone was also stuck in it cos my lecturer was late too.

Had lunch had the cafeteria. was planning to go out but Angeline wanted to meet me to pass me a dog whistle. to test on Max. 🙂

My lunch was my sammie..

breadTook the pic at home. 🙂 Made it with my new Almond, Brazil & Cashew Nut butter!! From Melrose..

nut1Though it wasn’t that wonderful when i first tried it, on the bread, it was sooooooooo goooooddd!!! I love it.. only that it costs RM35 here in malaysia! 😦 So i’m waiting for dear Sam to bring back.

Also a naner..

nanerBelieve it or not, they were completely green when we bought them yesterday from Tesco. Oh well, you can’t beat banana prices in Tesco. for a big bunch- RM2.80

Met Pik San in the cafeteria so i chatted with her till time for my class.. IB is so difficult to follow without the book. Really need to get it but apparently, it’ll take two weeks from placing the order to get the book..

Class seemed draggy during the two IB tutorials.. Case studies.. And new theories i’ve not heard of.. Factor endownment theorY?? RUCL??

Sigh.. On the way back, i remembered today was Wednesday, so i dropped by to get Mat Tou Yau!

mtyYum! Ate it while chatting with dear on the phone..

Ok.. will post dinner later.. sorry this post is lae.. i had trouble with WordPress just now..



2 thoughts on “1st nut butter

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