Madam Lim’s

I know the plan was bak kut teh tonight.. but it started pouring-i think the rain dislikes me.. Ever felt like the weather’s always against you?

Everytime i want to go to the night market, or go out, or anywhere outdoors it rains.. i.e., night market, Bukit Permai (for the view)…

It was raining cats and dogs, none of us wanted to get wet, especially me.. so we headed to Tesco Mutiara Damansara, deciding between Santai and Madam Lim’s..

Granma suggested Madam Lim’s Kitchen in hopes that the chef has change (gramps think they have high turnover of cooks cos the food is different taste-wise each time they go).

We ordered 3 dishes; Claypot Tau Fu (small)

claypotTwas good.. i always love the soup. i think i drank more than i should have.. It had Japanese Tofu, baby corn, brocoli, cauliflower, spring onions and egg, sprinkled with some minced fried garlic/onion.. Gramps liked it alot.. and said they’ve improved/changed to a better cook..

Second dish was taugeh/bean sprouts with salted fish (small-RM6)

taugehWas good as well.. full of flavour.. though i would have enjoyed it more if they had crispy bits of salted fish. i didn’t find any..

Lastly, was leeks with garlic and fish fillets.RM7 for small

leeksI think i was the only one who liked this. i love leeks.. and fish.. but the leeks and carrots weren’t cooked enough-were quite raw.. neither were the carrots in the claypot tofu.

The bill came up to RM25.10 including 2 plates of plain rice, 2 chinese teas. They used to have 10 % off from Mondays to Fridays, but not anymore.. 😦

We headed to Tesco, aiming to buy bread and cheese, but ended up buying a whole lotta other stuff.. i found frozen brocolli-but pricey RM8.99/kg. And my fav salmon in brine.. Must start eating from home outside. I’m hoping to have two meals home and one meal outside (max).

Came home, sorted the groceries, and had a prune, and plum..

plumTopped with Banana Butter. The banana butter made it worth eating.. or else i just wouldn’t be able to down the bland/sour plum..

Did i emphasize how much i do not like history of accounting.. sigh..

I’m off to do some reading.. and look for some materials online..

Then turn in cos its an early class tomorrow.

Have a great night, and sweet dreams..



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