i heart my friends and sushi

Class ended early today! Yay..ended an hour earlier. Turned out the book i’m supposed buy for international business cost RM90.. quite pricey! 😦

Went to Sakae sushi for lunch.

Of course i had to have my Kakiage!!

kakiagePortion seems to have shrunk.. 😦 compared to this time i went.. i wish they would make a portion of just brinjals.. i don’t think they would though. lol

While waiting for Hana Maki, which took a long time… me and Pik San shared a Soft shell crab crepe roll..

softshellHad two pieces.. yummy.. i love love soft shell crab!!!! I heart soft shell crab!

Finally my hana maki came..

hanamakiYummy thick slices of salmon wrapped around rice, and topped with mayo and a sprinkled with orange roe.

Svun had a Chicken Katsu Don.

Svun and her chicken katsu don

Svun and her chicken katsu don

HAha.. she said it was alright. “Normal only”.. chicken with rice underneath.

Pik San had a Kani Maki..

kani makiAnd other stuff which i did not picture since i did not eat..

Was not that full after that though. Pik San went to get some Gelato which was so tempting-i had a few samples.. 🙂

Walked around and bought a new hairband cos i lost my old one.

Svun was kind enough to drop me off at my car.. had to park really far today cos i was late!! There was no parking in the housing area.. there was.. but far from the gate. so i was 10 minutes late for class.

Since IB is still book-less, i was kinda lost about what the lecturer was talking about-plus he’s the one i don’t really like. sorry to say but i don’t understand him. I know some of the stuff he mentioned i’ve learnt before, but totally forgot! I can’t believe it. lol. i hope i can find my old SAM (South Australian Matriculation) notes..

Came home, finished my trail mix and had some sunflower seeds..

Read a bit of my AFA book-which i still do not understand.. and finished half of my handi-pak i had this morning.

Dinner’s Bak Kut Teh in Aman Puri.. Dear’s working night shift tonight.. sigh.

Ok. Ta for now, i’m gonna read some blogs and study..



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