Handi dandy

Woke up at 715 ish today though i did open my eyes a few times through out the night.. Last night, i think i bored myself reading the AFA book.. history history history.. i really hope that’s not coming out for exam cos i always thought Accounting was practical..

Had a cuppa with 2 weetameals topped with banana butter. Thanks Katie for this recipe! Genius!

Ran the usual, but nothing extra. some weights and situps. I’m getting better at the situps, doesn’t seem as difficult. Thank God.

After washing up some dishes, showered..and brekkie.. Breakkie was early, that’s why i’m posting now before driving off.

specaial kHad a special K bar.. Twas in the fridge which made it crispier.. yum! I actually liked it better that way!

Also half a Handi Snak Butter Scotch flavour..

handiTopped with some almonds for some crunch. I kinda am getting used to this pudding idea.. it’s not popular in Malaysia cos we refer puddings to jelly like substance. This was more of a mousse??

Also had a naner smaller than my phone!

nanerCute right???

And one munchy’s minis and a chocolate filled biscuit from this!

tmWith a prune, that was my supposedly light breakfast as me and pik san and svun are going straight for lunch after class!

Ta for now. Actually gotta rush off! Sorry!


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