Monday’s blues and eats.

Didn’t wake up as early today since class only starts at 10 on Mondays. Dear was to fetch me to work, so we decided to head to Old Town Aman Puri for breakfast.. so we get to try the weekday breakfast set which we don’t get to cos we’re never together on weekdays!

However, i didn’t get the set cos i always feel that the food the serve here, i can make at home easily. But since the coffee is better than my homemade one, i just had that and my special K bar..

coffeeNo sugar but 1 equals. normally, i would use only one, knowing how unhealthy it is, but i find Old Town’s coffee needs more-it’s richer i suppose.

barDear had the Nissin noodle set with white coffee

meeCame with an egg and sausage. Dear and me still prefer the noodle they used previously. I find this one thinner and it does not live up to what nissin noodle is supposed to me. the soup is addictive though! i kept on drinking it..

Headed to class-though i was unwilling to leave dear..

Dear went back to Focus Point at 1 UTama after dropping me off. the specs ws causing too much pain, and turns out they did make a mistake with the astigmatism. they corrected it for free. their after sales service is good.

Class was break-less today.. no lunch break today.. but short breaks. i only managed to eat what i brought at about  130pm during the five-minute break of International Business lecture-Boring. lol..

kashisorry i had to use a reenactment cos everyone was still in the lecture hall.. Brought along a Kashi and a naner (two most portable things!)

nanerI think the naner ws tinier than this though! 🙂

Couldn’t wait for class to be over. Made plans with Pik San for lunch tomorrow.. I miss hanging out with friends. Just feel so lonely without my Sam!Sam, come back!

After class, gramps came to pick me up since i didn’t drive my car..

Went to Kayu cos they didn’t have any lunch..

Though i had a bite at 130pm, i couldn’t resist not to eat some off what gramps ordered.

mee1Mamak Mee Goreng (Fried noodles-mamak style). RM4.20, though pricier than many indian shops out there, this is better in taste.. quite good and appetising (i think that’s the word to explain!).

rojakRojak, sauce on the side (Basically, vegetables, with some fried dough, with peanut sauce) RM4.20. The sauce was good. Gramps loved it. Granma was practically treating the sauce as soup, and asked for more!

I didn’t really like the soft dough thing, but the crispy one was alright.

I didn’t have any drink, so i got home, to have a coffee before my workout.


And a few nuts.

Ran the usual amount of time,but i did walk while watching Chef at Home! They cancelled the Thursday night ones. 😦

Granma wasn’t feeling well. i don’t know why her stomach hasn’t been treating her well lately. Sometimes she may vomit or purge after a normal meal. Don’t know why and she’s stubborn to go to the doctor. Please pray for her..

So dinner was at home..

chipsAnother attempt at endives chips! Yum and addictive!

Had half of a Cream Cheese and Red bean Multi Grain.

breadBought this from Patisfrance on Saturday night! Yum.. i love the creaminess of the cheese.. and red beans! a can-never-go-wrong combo..

Also had an apple with SSB..

appleNever buy fruits from Malaysian supermarkets! Maybe bananas and grapes.. Other than that.. not too good.

Made banana butter on Saturday!

nanersosThe color kinda looks bad.. but when i stirred it, it looked more like peanut butter… was so good.. such a better alternative and a healthier one too! I used 4 tbsp of PB to 1 and half naners. Mashed away like mad since i have no blender! yumm.. will make this again! I used some for my bland apples just now..

Had 3 prunes since i didn’t have any the whole day!

And finally-i know my eats seem endless,

tmi can never go a day without trail mix! Added some cream cheese munchy’s minis to the mix. Love the saltiness of it to blend with the nuts. But actually, it doesn’t matter if the flavours blend cos i always eat the nuts one by one. but i’m just so in love with cashewnuts. i just love the sweetness in it!

Yes, that’s all i ate! Haha. Tomorrow, class isn’t till 10.30! so no wee hour morning run for me.. will get to wake up later.. and there’s only ONE class! Yippee..

I think i’ve some blog reading to do..and AFA reading too!

Ta for now! Sorry for the 3in1 post!



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