Sorry for being MIA AGAIN!! Anyway, but i promise a complete UPDATE! 🙂

Had breakkie at home yesterday.. cooked for dear but i had a simple Kashi bar for breakfast.

kashiBut with the bar.i had this new Peanut butter!

jifJif peanut butter~i think one of the good reasonably priced ones around! From US.. RM10.99 at Carrefour. Ingredients are Peanuts and sugar, 2 % of other oils. Its yum and seriously FULL of peanuts and so much more easier to spread!

pbI know PB can’t beat like AB or SSB.. but this is cheap thrill!

And a coffee too..

cofI cooked Western breakfast for dear-to prove that you CAN make western breakfast cheaply at home!

Two fried eggs..

eggSunny side ups with runny egg yolks-just like dear’s fav! cooked them separately in the tiny egg-frying pan..

2 sausages..

sausagesNot the healthiest, but a quick alternative. Used Ayamas sausages.. Nuked them till it was warmish and fried it quickly in the pan..

And while doing all that, some wedges went into the oven.

tatersSimplot wedges.. quick and easy. I know i’m not really au naturel.. but this is what happens when noone cooks at home often..

Had a prune.. and some seaweed!

seaweedI know it’s totally random to eat seaweed, but dear had a sudden i bought some, and we shared some! 🙂

And soon, we were of to our massage appointment at Taipan. It was traditional blind massage- Taiwanese style, along the same row as Pappa Rich in Taipan.

The massage was alright.. I just felt too much rubbing of the skin as opposed to the balinese style. But i felt totally relaxed after! RM35/hour… The number is 0356359211 in case anyone’s interested! Good way to do some charity! 🙂

We met up with Dear’s friends,Goh + Karen at Lorong Seratus in Taipan for lunch..

I got the rojak.. with extra Yar char kwai of course!

sauceless rojak*Reenactment* from the last time.. This time, they charged me RM0.50 for extra yau char kwai compared to RM2 the last time!! So all good!!!

I feel the rojak is quite a small portion though for RM6.50-but its quite good. Sauce is really thick!

Dear and Goh ordered marmite chicken RM8.50

marmite chickenI’m not too fond of marmite-especially pure marmite, which is what the sauce was..marmite which was diluted. For marmite lovers,i guess you would like it. Though the chicken came with the skin on, and as tempting as it was to eat the skin too, i removed the skin and tried some. The chicken was good and moist-well seasoned.

Karen, Goh’s girlfriend, ordered Asam Laksa. I didn’t get a shot-but it looked quite good.

It was raining quite heavily, and didn’t look like it would stop. so we just went of in the rain and i stepped in puddles of water! And we drove our car to…

cincau2Happy beans!!I know you must be thinking i’m mad tot come here two days in a row.. but considering how seldom we are in Taipan, i had to have happy beans for dessert! It makes me happy! 🙂 Dear had cincao with pearls and green beans. I stole some of the sweet syrup.. -we didn’t share.. i had my own dessert! 🙂

redbeangreenbeanRed bean and green bean sweet soup (Thong sui). I know it looks pathetic, but i promise you, there’s abundance of beans inside!! I wanted something different than the cincau.. so i got this! I love that the beans are still intact, and that they give ALOT of beans!! Yum! But i did ask them to add some sugar cos it was not sweet..

After dessert, we headed back to 1 UTama to get dear’s specs checked out.. Turns out, it seems to be okay, except that he has to get used to it.. Then we went to Caring, where dear bought some Blackmores Vitamin B. I would take Vitamin B myself if it didn’t make me hungry. The last time i took Multi Vits, i became hungrier-but i did feel more energetic when running.

And we bought a Roti Boy each.. I got the original one, and as usual, ate the top only.. When we came home, dear finished his-Buttermilk Rotiboy and my topless Rotiboy! Lol..

Had a nap-at least for dear! Lol.. i was reading mail and stuff. Then watched Money No Enough I.. Didn’t finish the show, but went to Darabif for dinner with Akak JEan and Carol..

I’ll update again later! Sorry for being so MIA! I know my blog is a day outdated!

Happy Beans Cafe: No.46, Jln USJ 10.1E, 47600, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Tel: 03 56212688


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