Free time

Well.. sorta.. after this i’ve got some stuff to read. so i would just call myself a responsible food blogger to update the blogosphere out there on my eats! 🙂

Last night, as i mentioned, we went to Darabif for dinner.. It’s a new fast food joint in Uptown Damansara, with one branch in Sri Hartamas food court.

The whole family got a Moo set meal (except for me) each, consisting of a beef burger, with fries and a drink..

burgerI didn’t try the burger, but here are the few comments from the family.. Akak Carol said the last time it was nicer.. but the beef patties are still soft. Akak Jean thought it was alright, but she’s not too fond of beef burgers. Gramps finished theirs! Surprising! cos Granma doesn’t really like burgers, and it’s not normal that she finishes her food! lol. She said it was slightly dry (beef patties), and it would have been better with some sauce.. Grampa liked it-not much comments..

The set was RM6.90-opening promo price

Though i didn’t try the burger, i did try the fries!

friesFine.. I didn’t only try..i ate ALOT of fries. i ate more than i should have! put a plate of fries in front of me, and i’ll get outta control. that’s why i don’t order, and i just “steal” from people’s plates.. so i ate quite alot of Gramps’ fries. they were alright, but Akaks said the portion was much bigger the last time they came.

The fries were skinny, crispy and fresh. i like the fact they make the fries only when you order-FRESH!

For myself, i got a “FIT” juice first.. pretty pricey..RM 8.. sorry.. no took awhile to come. It was alright.. but to pricey for carrot, pineapple, celery juice.. fresh juice without added sugar i think. Pasar Malam (night market) one’s are cheaper though! 🙂

I actually wanted fish and chips, but turns out the menu board had some changes..well deletions rather. they cancelled their whole meat lovers menu.. 😦 So i just had 6 pieces of beef nuggets (RM5.90)

beef nuggetsTo my surprise, they were good. Crispy outside, moist inside, without the beefy flavour i dislike. Pricey.. almost a dollar a nugget.

After sitting awhile-though dinner was quite fast.. we walked a few steps over to Old Town White Coffee for drinks. I suppose it’s impossible for my family to not have a yum char session after a meal anymore. but it’s fun! Family time!

I didn’t have anything to drink though. As tempting as it was, i think i’ve piled up enough calories at lunch and dinner fries!

Came home to finish Money No Enough I. I still prefer part 2 i guess cos it’s more of during my generation. Lol.. Part 1 was filmed maybe 10 years ago? But it’s still funny.

After that.. bed time!! I shall save today’s eats for another post!

P/S: for those who would like to try Darabif, it’s in Damansara Uptown, the same row as Old town White Coffee..but just a few shops down..


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