I’m so sorry for being MIA since yesterday afternoon.. had been out most of the time and was sleepy by the time i got home last night.

I actually got to the blogosphere earlier, but i saw my BFF’s email.. Sammie! I had to stop everything cos i miss her so much!

Anyway, yesterday, me, dear and gramps went to Church of Divine Mercy Shah Alam cos SIC had baptism during mass, which meant super long mass.. I actually prefer CDM cos Fr. Paulino is so charasmatic, and so into the mass.. and he gives excellent sermons!

Though the mass was longer than usual, i didn’t feel it cos of Fr. Paulino.. he just conducts the mass so well. so..we were late arriving at the dinner destination..

We headed to Ah Koong restaurant in Taipan for dinner-met Akak Jean & Carol there..

prawn cakeYou know there’s fish cake, ever heard of prawn cake?? Well, they have it here! I prefer it so much to fish cake soc it’s softer! And tastier. We ordered two prawn cakes to share..

brinjalThe back is what i ordered for myself, two brinjals and one beancurd skin. Fried of course, because i can’t resist them! I had one and a half of the brinjals and went back for more. And who knows how many beancurd skins i had. they were so good.. it’s just like the ones i like-just beancurd skin! No filling! Crispy and yum!

I also drank quite alot of soup and had one fish ball and another fish paste of some sort. The rest of the family had their own noodles, except Akak Jean-fishballs!

As usual. dessert was in store..

Dessert #1

Fine.. it’s plural.. desserts.. We headed to Happy Beans FIRST..

Hehe.. Me and dear shared a Cincau (Since there was dessert #2 next)..


With green bean, pearls, and yam! Yummy as usual. The sugar they use, i’m not too sure if it’s palm sugar,it tastes different than regular sugar. and beats regular sugar hands down too!

Akak Carol had a cincao too.

cincau1With Yuyuan, red bean and green bean.. I tried the yu yuan before.. didn’t like it cos it was chewy and bland.. but i guess its just me cos there ARE people who do like it.

Grampa ordered a cincao with red beans only. It was BIG! so we shared some with him..

Happy Beans Cafe: No.46, Jln USJ 10/1E, 47600, UEP, Subang Jaya, Selangor. 603-5621 2688

Dessert #2

We then headed to Patisfrance for gelato!!!!

gelatogelato is supposedly healthier compared to normal ice cream, but i suppose too much isn’t too healthy either! haha. me and dear shared this 4 scoop cup.. RM9.60..

Mint, apple pie, hazelnut and cookies and cream..

And i loved them all.. The mint was not too minty like many which i dislike.. the apple pie tasted like apple pie!! haha.. the cookies and cream was alright but i missed the chunks you get in other brands like Baskin or Hagen Daz.. MY fav was the hazelnut!!! VERY nutty taste..though i’m sad to say again, i missed the chunky stuff you get at other ice cream parlors.

I bet you think my family is nuts.. Eating 3 times a night! people eat 3 times a day!!!

After all that, i still came home to have a prune! 🙂

Btw, dear and i resolved our issue about him going out with his friend instead of as planned. so we met his friend today instead..

:). That’s all for Saturday night.. will update soon..



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