That’s what i feel today.. or rather disappointed? I don’t know..

Woke up pretty early this morning, i guess cos bedtime was early last night. Had a weird feeling in my tummy but i’m not sure what it was.. flatulencE? Anyway, was slightly pissed off last night cos dear wouldn’t stay up with me-it was only 1030 on a Friday night!

Anyway, then this morning, all was fine and dandy till he mentioned i would have to do all sorts of stuff to go to his gym-his workplace has strict regulations. And since the past few days he’s been asking if i wanted to just stay home and he go to the gym.. it just felt like i wasn’t wanted there.. And of all days to go to the gym? Why not Monday since he’s free in the afternoon? And for SURE, after gym, he’ll be worn out, and just nap… AGAIN!

Do you know anyone who sleeps so much? I mean anyone who’s healthy??

I wanted to eat home for breakfast but dear hinted he was lazy to wash up, so i just brought along my Kashi bar with me.


And i was already dressed in gym clothes and shoes, only at Modern de Cafe where we had breakfast, we changed our minds about gym. So he fetched me back  after his breakfast, and went to his all-important gym!

Sorry to be such a prick today.. i just feel that i’m always putting up with his antiques.. Sigh..

I had some trail mix in the morning too.. And just finished them just now after my workout

Yes, i worked out on a Saturday, cos i don’t feel like it on Monday.

And a prune..

Ok.. Cya later.. Have to deal with some insects in the dog food!!!



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