lightish and snackish lunch

Had my lunch at around 1230pm. Figured i should use up my curly endives, so i made curly endives chips! Attempt #3

endivesI used more endives this time, but still seems very little after it shrinks. Sprinkled some salt (less than the last time) and little bit of chilli powder-which i found out is stale..

Turned out alright. Once again, i’ve never tried the original kale chips, so i wouldn’t know if i made it right. But i still love it and am addicted to it.

Had an apple-Grampa insisted that we buy from Giant though i said never to buy from supermarkets..

appleAnd noone ever listens. A failed supermarket fruit. I think it’s almost impossible to buy good-tasting fruits in supermarkets in Malaysia. Good ones are from the night market. This apple though crunchy, was tasteless/not sweet enough..

Had a Special K Mango and passionfruit bar..

specialkI love that this is easier on my teeth than granola bars..

Had a prune too..

Then dear came.. with his broken specs! We had to go to 1 Utama to Focus Point to make new ones… Cost him RM309, would’ve been cheaper, but we had to choose a different lens since he needed it fast..

While waiting for the lens, we tried out the new Buttermilk Rotiboy..

No pic! sorry.. wasn’t in the mood – more later..

The rotiboy costed RM2, tasted nice, the inside was

nicer, but for a person like me who goes for the outer layer of it, the original one is nicer cos it’s crispier, and thicker. I think this was either not fresh or it’s meant to be that way..

Anyway, dear’s friend called up, asked him out. Dear HAD already planned to have dinner with me, etc. but when his friend called, he said yes to his friend and agreed to meet for drinks. I got slightly pissed off (and am still am) cos there was once i asked him to go out with me, he said his friend “called him first”.. so what about me today? our plan was made way ahead in time, and he just is ok with his friend who just called him??

Sigh. I don’t get him at all..

And can you guess what he’s doing?????


I’m so sorry. i feel like a total biatch complaining like this. please bear with me and i’ll return to normal in no time..i hope..

Ta.. am gonna go for church soon..

P/S: After coming back from 1 Utama, i did munch on some snacks, i.e. seaweed, nuts.. newest find last night..

pringlesFor one who loves soft shell crab as much as me.. you would die if you see this Pringles Soft shell crab flavour! I had two pieces of it and had to put it away cos it’s addictve. It did have a FIRST taste of soft shell crab, but after chewing awhile, it tasted like normal pringles. but who’s to say normal pringles don’t taste good? but be warned, it’s super easy to go overboard, though 130 cal for 17 pieces is PRETTY reasonable.. 🙂


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