That’s the word to describe my sleep last night!! I was in deep slumber.. what a good sleep.. I slept at 1030pm easily, and woke up at 720am : almost a 9-hour sleep. I don’t know why i’m feeling so sleepy these past few days. I guess waking up at 5 or 530 is taking a toll on me.

Anyway, i decided to split my brekkie instead of having a pre-workout snack and brekkie- i suppose that’s one way i can lose that 6kg!

So i had me a coffee


I used to have coffees before running, cos i read somewhere that caffeine gives you more stamina, but i just cut it out a while back especially when i run in the wee hours of morning-the microwave makes too many beeps when i’m heating the milk, which wakes gramps up..

Also had half of a Kashi Honey Toasted 7 grain granola bar..

barjust to show you the whole thing! This is a reenactment as my cam wasn’t with me and i don’t have the cable to my new samsung!!

phoneThis is the Samsung Preston.. the features are not that great like an iPhone. I wish it had WiFi though. 3.2 Megapixel cam, touch screen.. and i love the cute fonts! Don’t have the cable cos the box is still with Uncle.


I love how slim it is though! I’m still getting used to the touch screen-not easy! but Cool! And also trying to figure out the alarm..

Worked out an hour after my part 1 breakfast since i ate more than usual.. Ran at different intervals this time. 14 minutes at 9 km/h on incline and 7 min at 9.4 km/h without incline. Boy, the 14 minute wasn’t easy. I better up my times if i want to join the Marathon on Oct. 4 at Cheras.

Also did some situps and weights.. Situps are improving. Yay!

Went and harvest some of my spinach outside. Part for Akak Jack since i didn’t give her last week, and part for tonight’s dinner! I cut them as opposed to pulling them out, so i hope the rest will continue growing.

Then i washed them thoroughly, and washed MYSELF thoroughly-as in i showered 😉

Had my other half of brekkie which was basically my other half of the Kashi bar..

a Naner..

nanerThey’re ripe already! 😦 If you don’t already know, i prefer them unripe..

a prune, and some of my trail mix!

tmI portioned them out this time.. must control.. I showed dear the amount of nuts i eat in a day, he said it’s too much! But i think there can never be TOO MUCH for me!

Look at the amount of books for this semester..

bPlus another for IB-i still haven’t got it cos it’s only available in the UK. They’re heavier than my weights! Thank God we’re not gonna use the WHOLE book. Only parts.

Ok.. I think me and gramps are gonna head out soon.. Though i did JUST have my breakfast.. Cya after lunch!



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