Our “pantry”

In my family’s house, the pantry is in the hall/dining hall-there’s no separation from the dining hall and living room.. i think that could be the reason why i eat SO much! Anyway, that’s why the pantry shelf is in the hall. used to be in the kitchen, but we ran out of space in the kitchen. So it’s placed in between the hall and dining hall..

panrtyYes-it’s messy. And i think there’ll never be a day in which this is empty.. we love grocery shopping too much-we went to Carrefour just now (and Giant this afternoon)

I kinda divided this shelf into which is my shelf and which is the rest of the family’s cos my grandma tends to simply throw stuff away! And i don’t have any space in the kitchen too..

The third row is where the things i buy are..

myFrom the left, HandiPak butterscotch pudding with Jello on top, Milo from Australia (bought in Bintulu), Gullon biscuits, Some spring onion crackers, tin of salmon from Tesco, 3in1 coffee with grapeseed extract, Naturals Almond, Brazil and Cashew butter Sam bought me which i haven’t consumed, Kashi chewies..

Behind, there are more Kashi chewies, Tesco raspberry fruit mini bar, couscous from Tesco’s light choices range..

Phew, that’s alot of food! Wait.. and you must be wondering, where’s the cereal??

2lvlHaha.. i had to creep into the second shelf..

From the right, Vanilla Almond Special K, All Bran Buds, Honey Bunches Jacobs Cream Crackers & Mocco are not mine.. πŸ™‚

The top level has some Keropok (Asian Crackers) from Terengganu and Bintulu, Brands’ Essence of Chicken which i think noone will consume, groundnuts and other stuff..

The bottom level has mainly pastas/noodles.

bottomFrom the left, Old exercise books which we never gave away, Brown rice bihun (vercimelli), angel hair pasta in the tupperware, and whole grain penne in the back, ramen noodles in the tupperware and the Quaker oatmeal is from Akak Carol! πŸ™‚

That’s the pantry.. oh and the paperbags hanging from the side..

panrtyThey’re our collection of recyclables..

Don’t ask me why i did this, just thought it’s be fun to show you since i always talk about my daily eats! πŸ™‚

On to my dinner, dear joined us for dinner, though the original plan was to cook.. but since gramps mentioned Kepong Happy City food court.. i had a sudden craving for….

ochienO’Chien (Fried Oyster Omelette)! RM7.. so yummmmmm… it’s always a MUST when i come here. It’s crispy and yet lots of egg.. this time, there seemed to be more oysters, which i don’t like though. I hope one day the cook will let me order just egg, no oyster. I just love love love the way he fried the egg.. the crispy base!! I don’t mind paying RM3 for 3 eggs! But for now, he won’t even fulfill my request of less oyster more egg though he earns more that way. Oh well.. I ate most of the egg, and some Oyster dipped in the garlic chilli sauce.

Grandma ordered a CharLoBak (Fried Carrot Cake) since her stomach couldn’t take spicy foods..

charlobakIt’s from the same stall as the oyster omelette.. I think it’s RM3.30, sorry if i’m wrong.. I ate some of it.. quite a bit too.. and the egg. was quite nice and alot of wok hei (a burnt flavour craved when it comes to fried flat noodles and fried carrot cakes). But i don’t think grandma liked it much cos she didn’t really eat much.. either that or lunch was too heavy..

Grampa ordered two bowls of Salted Vege and tofu soup (Ham Choy Tofu Thong) RM3.50

soupOne of the cheapest around. Usually, it’s really good, but it was too salty today. only had a spoonful..

I had my usual mix rice as my meal.

mixBrinjals NEVER fail me.. unless it’s sweet.. lol.. Brinjals and beans fried in belachan.. with some anchovies (ikan bilis), peanuts, and sambal. All good and yum as usual. Sambal is sweetish.. quite nice and not too spicy. Ikan Bilis to salty though. I think i had too much peanuts today! Fattening!!

Other things ordered but not pictured.Sushi for dear.. Thai Rice Vercimelli (Thai Bihum) from which i had a prawn and some vege.. That’s all! And i had sips of dear’s Teh C (Tea made with evaporated milk)..

I think today, i was the only one in the eating mood. I felt like i ate the most.. Not good when I AM the one on the D.I.E.T!

Sigh.. After dinner, we headed to Carrefour cos we’re outta prunes, and Giant was selling at RM10! Carrefour sold it only RM0.50 cheaper.. Tesco used to sell it at RM7, too bad it’s been awhile since it was sold at that price…

Dear’s tired tonight, but i don’t feel like sleeping yet.. We’ll see. Tomorrow, we’re going to his gym, but i’m not sure if i’ll be doing anything cos i don’t think i’m allowed..

It’s almost time for bed. Hope you like my pantry!

Nites and loves,


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